School Outraged As Graduate Sends Bold Message In Her Backside Photo

To protest her college’s strict policies, a recent graduate posed outside the library. The school and numerous people were shocked at what she was showing off. It has even brought death threats.

A recent graduate has people shocked by what she showed in a school photo. (Photo Credit: Kaitlin Bennett/Twitter)

We all know that American school campuses need a lot of work. Even though we think of them as places of higher learning, much goes on in college that is unacceptable. Campuses considered safe for all are often the scenes of violence. Or events much worse.

Things are only made worse by liberal college policies. Instead of looking out for students, colleges enact strict rules that limit their freedom and expression. It seems like places that should be encouraging students to be themselves more often suppress them, all in favor of upholding their own bigoted views.

For four years, Kaitlin Bennett had to put up with Kent State University’s choking policies. Despite being a model student and citizen, her liberties were grossly limited on that campus. Now that she’s a graduate, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

Working with her media outlet, she took photos in front of the school’s library. She celebrated her recent graduation from the college, but she had a surprising message for the staff and current students of Kent State. In her hand, she held a graduation cap with the words “Come and Take it” written on it. Why? Because slung on her back was an AR-10.

Now, people are shocked and outraged that a 22-year-old woman would pose with a gun. They’ve even sent threats.

A conservative woman who recently graduated from Kent State University has received threats after she took aim at her school’s anti-gun policies in a photo shoot where she carried an AR-10 and wore a cap that said, “Come and take it.”

“Now that I graduated from @KentState, I can finally arm myself on campus. I should have been able to do so as a student – especially since 4 unarmed students were shot and killed by the government on this campus. #CampusCarryNow,” she posted on Twitter Sunday.

Bennett told Fox News she wanted to condemn the school’s “insulting” policies. [Source: Fox News]

According to Bennett, guests at the school are allowed to open carry, but not students. Imagine that. The dangers we face in the outside world are just as real on a college campus. Terrorists have targeted colleges in the past. Some students, sadly, resort to violence against their classmates. And we don’t have to mention events like the Parkland shooting.

Yet this school — and many others — refuses to allow students to arm themselves. Americans, on American soil, attending an American college are denied their Second Amendment rights. How is that American?

On top of that, people have threatened Bennett for her post.

Bennett said even though she’s received death threats because of her post, she has no regrets.

“I have no apologies for my graduation photos,” she tweeted Tuesday. “As a woman, I refuse to be a victim & the second amendment ensures that I don’t have to be.”

In another tweet, she made it clear her gun is an AR-10 and not an “assault rifle” as many had claimed.

“Don’t talk about gun control,” Bennett wrote, “when you can’t even get your facts straight.” [Source: Fox News]

We’ve seen that before, many times. The very people who demand strict gun control can’t even get the basics right. At this point, anyone that refers to semi-automatic rifles as “assault weapons,” you can discount as an idiot. They don’t know anything about firearms.

You also have to wonder at the kind of dummies who would threaten a woman who owns her own AR-10. Um, you guys do realize she is trained in the use of firearms? Obviously, this is not a woman you should force to defend herself. But since when have liberals ever used their brains?

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