School Allows Muslim-Only Prayer, Christian Parents Have Unexpected Surprise

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After one group of students began disrupting class time for Friday prayers, school officials thought the best response would be to create a designated area for them to worship. However, after parents discovered the favoritism, they had a surprise for the school officials.

After furious parents discovered that the school board (left) was allowing Muslim-only worship, they showed up to a board meeting with an unexpected surprise. (Photo source: Live Leak, CBC)

For years, the Peel School District in Toronto, Canada, has given Muslims special privilege of allowing religious worship to not only be practiced on school grounds but interrupt class time. While no other religious group in the schools are given this privilege, the school board maintains that the biased implementation is all about equality and tolerance.

Whether because of an increase in Islamic terrorism or in response to Canada’s breaking passage of a motion that silences freedom of speech criticizing Islam, the non-Muslim community has erupted over the appeasement. After the school board backed a previous decision to allow Muslim students to turn the school into a makeshift mosque each Friday, righteously indignant parents delivered one of the most spectacular demonstrations against Sharia compliance that the district has ever seen.

Dozens of protesters gathered at the Peel board’s meeting Wednesday night to defy their decision to capitulate to Sharia law. Around 80 outraged parents shouted their opposition, and one individual boldly tore up a Quran and threw it at the submissive board.

The Star reports that police had to be called after the board was unable to contain the crowd’s frustration, having been silenced by vociferous parents who were sick of the majority’s concerns being ignored.

According to the school board, they have been submitting to the Muslim minority’s demands for nearly 20 years, allowing this special interest group to skip class every Friday for at least 20 minutes of audible public prayer. No other group has been given access to their own prayer room nor have they been approved to miss out on nearly half an hour of school each week.

As the school board continues to ignore and discriminate against the increasingly indignant majority, they are finding it more difficult to do so with each public meeting. As Muslim terrorist attacks rise in the West, civilians are raising their voices.

Disturbingly, the school board refused to hear the parents’ complaints and unleashed officers on those practicing their right to free speech. Now, 2 provincial ministers have come forward to support the school board’s decision to allow Muslim students the privilege of worshiping and proselytizing in public schools.

“To say it’s disrespectful is a great understatement,” said Chair Janet McDougald said. “It’s hateful — the social media has just been abysmal, it’s just been awful, and some of our students are feeling a little unsafe because of it.

Ironically, McDougald is speaking of the Muslim minority, which only fears criticism of their religion at best. Hypocritically, she says nothing in defense of the non-Muslim majority, which is terrorized by stabbing, bombing, beheading, and shooting by Muslim extremists.

“Letting Muslim students pray for 20 minutes in an empty space with the supervision of volunteer staff does not cause any financial hardship,” Brampton Mayor Linda Jeffrey said in a written statement.

Although the meeting marked the most passionate from protesters, it is not the first time parents have expressed their outrage and concern over Islamic implementation in the schools. In November 2016, Muslims were furious after parents pressured the schools to limit them to 6 pre-approved sermons on school time, according to CBC.

“The board should not be policing religion,” added Shahmir Durrani, who also addressed the board. “There’s this assumption that Muslim youth aren’t promoting a peaceful message.”

Of course, the “negative assumption” to which Durrani is referring stems from the Quran’s 109 violent verses, many of which command Muslims to behead, crucify, dismember, and mutilate non-Muslims until there is no more disbelief in Islam and it stands as the only religion. Until Islam rules the world, the Quran proclaims that there can be no peace, meaning that Muslims are to consider themselves at war with non-Muslims.

The Quran contains racist and discriminatory verses that order the execution of Jews, Christians, atheists, polytheists, homosexuals, apostates, adulterers, critics, and rape victims who cannot produce male witnesses to testify for them. It is nothing short of hate speech, yet this school board is supporting its message in schools on the taxpayer dime.

Muslims have found that the best way to conquer a progressive Western nation is to use its freedoms instead of the sword. Fortunately, this works both ways. Canadians are beginning to rise up in defense of their freedoms against Sharia law, and liberals are no longer able to blissfully ignore it.

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