School Bans Kids From ‘Offensive’ Christmas Play — But Students Get Last Laugh

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After a Christmas play was deemed too offensive because it included Jesus, school officials banned students from attending. However, as soon as they heard the school’s decision, students decided to take matters into their own hands.

When pupils were barred from a school Christmas play because of its depiction of Jesus, students decided to take action. (Photo Credit: Screenshot via KTAL-TV)

In the age of progressivism, the majority is tyrannized by the left’s determination to eradicate every value upon which our nation was built. At the top of their list is our Christian-Judeo foundation, which has led our country toward individual freedom, the likes of which no other nation on earth has achieved.

Since the winter season is dedicated to these religious concepts, the left’s “war on Christmas” continues to rage, as liberal activists demand that any trace of its Christian roots is abolished. Fortunately, having seen this chaotic, downward political spiral of their elders, the younger generation appears to be turning from this progressive movement to return to preserving our exceptional rights and values.

The school district cited the play’s inclusion of Mary and Jesus as the reason for banning the performance. (Photo Credit: Screenshot via KTAL-TV)

In traditional fashion, Louisiana’s Minden High School scheduled a Christmas play, which was to be performed for surrounding public schools. However, as soon as the district discovered that the performance would feature Jesus, the superintendent stepped in, putting an end to the holiday celebration.

Refusing to allow students to see the religious display, the Webster Parish Superintendent barred all students from attending the high school’s production of “How the Toys Saved Christmas,” stating that the play includes scenes at the end which include Jesus, Mary, and the meaning of Christmas. Expectedly, the high school students were devastated when they found out that no one would be allowed to enjoy their hard work. However, their director soon came up with a brilliant plan for the students to fight back.

Director Jennifer Powell agreed to re-categorize the play as a “community event,” allowing parents to bring students to the performance. (Photo Credit: Screenshot via KTAL-TV)

Director Jennifer Powell agreed to re-categorize the performance as a “community event” instead of a school affair, opening the play to the public, according to KTAL-TV. This allowed parents to pull their children from class in order to attend the event. Incredibly, students and their supportive families flooded the auditorium on December 14, packing the presentation even more than Powell and her performers could have imagined.

“I was humbled. I didn’t expect to be what it is today,” Powell said.

Attendees rallied around Powell and the high school performers, sending an unmistakable message to the school district.

“It was a blessing. It was absolutely amazing to see the community come together and the support the play that stands for Jesus and Christmas and this time of the year,” said Ashley Strickland, a parent.

“I’m glad we were able to come together as a community and teach our kids the right reason for the season and not be scared of it,” said Charity Simpson, a parent.

Performers appeared before a packed house after students and their supportive parents rallied around the play. (Photo Credit: Screenshot via KTAL-TV)

The American Civil Liberties Union and Louisiana’s ACLU chapter has made it their mission to shut down events like the one Powell directed, according to The Blaze. Last year, the organization challenged activities they deemed the district’s “widespread practice of subjecting students to school-sponsored Christian prayer, proselytizing, and other religious rituals.”

“Christian prayers are broadcast each morning over the PA system. School events, including athletic events, pep rallies, assemblies, and graduation ceremonies, incorporate official prayer, proselytizing, and other religious messages,” according to a lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court. “Graduation ceremonies are frequently held in churches, and at times, they resemble church services that include Bible verses and prayers. School officials have also told students that evolution is a ‘fairy tale’ and implied that the Bible should be taken literally. The school has invited guests onto campus to preach to students.”

Thanks to Jennifer Powell and her students’ perseverance, the community has once again been blessed with an event that most wanted. Unfortunately, the ongoing battle showcases the issue with allowing a vocal minority to suppress the majority.

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