School Does UNTHINKABLE To Ten Commandments After Liberal Mom’s Attack

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Anti-Christianity sign (left), Ten Commandments Monument (right)

Christianity has been under attack for decades in this country. The left has taken every opportunity to remove God from our culture, and a new shocking report out of Pennsylvania is just proof that they want complete control over our education system. What one school district is doing to the Ten Commandments after being attacked by a liberal mom is truly sickening.

According to a report by The Blaze, a stone monument of the Ten Commandments is to be removed from in front of a Pennsylvania high school within 30 days of February 15. This disturbing decision was made as a result of a complaint brought against the school by Marie Schaub, the mother of a former student at the high school. The details behind this liberal mom’s sick attack on our Christian heritage is truly sickening.

Monument of the Ten Commandments to be removed from Valley Junior-Senior High School (Source: KDKA-TV video screenshot)

Schaub claimed the stone monument was offensive to her and her daughter because it was a religious symbol. Schaub is reportedly an atheist and wanted the school to remove the monument at her request. When the school district denied her request, she filed a lawsuit, according to TribLive.

An atheist organization, known as The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), became involved with the lawsuit early on in 2012. The atheist organization reached an agreement with the New Kensington-Arnold School District, which is to have the Ten Commandments monument removed by the middle of March 2017.

Patrick Elliott, a staff attorney for the FFRF said, “We’re very pleased, it means that the Constitution is being followed by the school district.”

Superintendent John Pallone said in a statement to TribLive that the district “compromised” in the agreement “in order to take the high road, as they say.”

Schaub said during an interview with TribLive that she hopes the settlement will stand as an “important lesson” for the “many people in my community [who] don’t understand or appreciate the separation of church and state.”

This disgusting attack on our country’s Christian heritage is truly disappointing for millions of Americans who understand the value of keeping a standard of morality in our schools. Too many teachers indoctrinate our kids with hate for our country and hate for President Donald Trump. It is saddening to see the Ten Commandments monument removed from the front of this high school in a community which probably has a majority of law-abiding and God-fearing Christians.

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