Schools Get More Transgender-Friendly — Here’s What They’re Doing To Kids Now

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Once upon a time, liberals liked to attack conservatives over the issue of science. They claimed because we questioned the validity of their climate change alarmism, we didn’t accept scientific research. Or, because many Christian conservative choose to believe in the Biblical account of Creation over Darwin’s story, they were backward and uneducated. Oh, how times have changed as schools push certain agendas, and you won’t believe what they’re doing to our kids now.

Children reading in class (left), Transgender activists (right) (Photo Credit: Wikimedia CommonsWikimedia Commons)

Because of their radical, insane determination to push “progressive” issues, liberals are trying to justify odd and dangerous lifestyles. The transgender community, for one, is built on the notion that a person’s gender is fluid and that you can be man or woman, or somewhere in between, based on your feelings.

Nevermind all that complicated stuff called biology or how science makes it clear that gender is determined by your chromosomes long before you are born. No, it’s all about how you identify. If you feel like a woman, you are! It doesn’t matter that you have man parts down below. So, who is really fighting science, here?

Despite common sense and logic, the left continues to push for more support for transgenders, which, if we are honest, are people suffering some serious mental disorders. They are using the same strategy they’ve used in the past to condone other odd lifestyles — they are taking it to schools.

If they can convince young children that transgenderism is normal, in a generation, they can make it normal. We are seeing more and more LGBT groups pushing their toxic dogma into schools. Worse yet, public schools — often controlled by liberals — welcome this nonsense. If you think it’s bad in our neck of the woods, it only gets worse across the pond, but sadly, we will likely see the same nonsense here if we don’t stand up against it.

The Good Schools Guide is to examine how ‘transgender-friendly’ schools are in future, its director has said, praising “fabulous efforts” by some institutions.

According to the guide, a growing number of parents are complaining that a lack of pro-LGBT policies are leaving them with “no option but to pull transgender children out of a school.”

Bernadette John, head of the guide’s education consulting service, said families are increasingly looking for advice on schools which best cater to children who are confused about their gender. [Source: Breitbart]

That’s right, there is now a guide that rates which schools are the most transgender-friendly. This is dangerous for so many reasons. The biggest is the fact that parents equate a child having trouble understand gender, with grown-ups who have chosen a very specific lifestyle. Their plan is to build a system where schools are forced into accepting their warped ideas.

She said that in the future, inspectors from the Good Schools Guide will quiz headteachers on how they cater for transgender students. “We had an editorial conversation about this a few days ago,” she told The Daily Telegraph. [Source: Telegraph]

That’s Big Brother levels of control, and it’s an attempt to ignore the realities.

Studies have shown that some children suffer from “gender dysmorphia,” a condition where prepubescent kids have trouble coming to terms with their gender. In most cases, they get over it by the time they are in their teens. But, thanks to the LGBT community, parents and teachers are exploiting this condition in order to make it seem that these kids are really transgender.

Even a recent report by the American College of Pediatrics condemns pushing transgenderism on children, due to the likely hood of mental and physical trauma.

Human sexuality is an objective biological binary trait: “XY” and “XX” are genetic markers of male and female, respectively – not genetic markers of a disorder. [Source: American College of Pediatrics]

That’s real science there! But, we can all just ignore the comments of experts in child medicine, right? I mean, your feelings matter more than medical science. So what if doctors say transgenderism is bad for kids? You have a political agenda to push. Screw the kids!

It’s gotten so bad, some schools have invited drag queens to talk to the children. They claim it’s to increase “tolerance,” but it’s really to expose these children to a perverted, ugly, and sad lifestyle.

A new scheme will see drag queens visiting primary schools and libraries in a bid to “challenge intolerance and homophobia at a young age.”

Based on an American project, Drag Queen Story Time’s organisers hope to start the scheme at this year’s Bristol Pride before rolling it out across the city. [Source: Breitbart]

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t let a drag queen anywhere near my children. But, this is what liberal activists are trying to do. They want to force this nonsense onto our children, hoping to indoctrinate them into believing these lies. So when they grow up, they won’t have a strong enough moral compass to oppose such dangerous, toxic lifestyles. The question is: are we going to let them get away with it?