As Schumer Declares War On Trump, 2009 Video Comes Back To Haunt Him

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Chuck Schumer (Photo credit: screenshot YouTube)

The United States government is currently in shutdown mode because Democrats like Chuck Schumer refuse to provide modest funding for border security. The Democratic Party generally favors policies of unchecked immigration through open borders, and they sure as hell don’t want to fund President Donald Trump’s efforts to secure the Southern border.

It wasn’t always this way. Not long ago, Senator Schumer was firmly against illegal immigration and supported secure borders.

This is a video from a 2009 speech at Georgetown University that Schumer probably wishes didn’t exist, but the Internet is forever.

“We must create a system that converts the current flow of low-skilled illegal immigrants into the United States into a more manageable and controlled flow of legal immigrants who can be absorbed by our economy,” Schumer said.

That’s weird because now Democrats claim that low-skilled illegal immigrants make our country stronger and more prosperous.

“Let me elaborate. The first of these seven principals is that illegal immigration is wrong, pain and simple,” said Schumer.

Now, Democrats conflate legal immigration and illegal immigration, saying that our country was founded by immigrants. How is it that 9 years ago illegal immigration was wrong, but now it makes up the very foundation of our country?

“Until the American people are convinced that we will stop future flows of illegal immigration, we will make no progress on dealing with the millions of illegal immigrants who are here now and on rationalizing our system of legal immigration,” Schumer said.

President Trump’s proposed border wall would help stop the flow of illegal immigration, but Schumer is willing to shut down the entire federal government rather than fund it. The plan now appears to be convincing the American people that no progress will be made dealing with the millions of illegal aliens who are here.

This next line proves that Schumer and the Democrats have no intention of ever doing something about our illegal immigration problem:

“When we use phases like ‘undocumented workers’ we convey a message to the American people that their government is not serious about combating illegal immigration. Above all else, the American people want their government to be serious about protecting the public, enforcing the rule of law, and creating a rational system of legal immigration,” Schumer said.

Wow, that sounds like something President Trump would say, and yet it came out of the mouth of a Democrat. Clearly, Schumer has “evolved” on the issue and no longer cares what the American people want or if they have any faith in the government to protect them against a foreign invasion.

Finally, there’s this line that Democrats would now qualify as hate speech:

“People who enter the US without our permission are illegal aliens and illegal aliens should not be treated the same as people who entered the US legally,” said Schumer.

Democrats have decided that the accurate proper official term “illegal alien” is racist, xenophobic, and hateful. Schumer should have to apologize, but it may be a case where things are only bad if Republicans say them.

Nine years ago, Chuck Schumer was against illegal immigration, supporting immigration enforcement and border security. Fast forward to last week and the NY Senator was so in favor of illegal immigration and opposed to border security that he was willing to shut down the government rather than fund the President’s request for a border wall.

“Trump’s allies in the House can pound their fists on the table all they want but it’s not going to get a wall. They can, having caught the Trump temper tantrum fever, jump up and down, yell and scream. It’s not going to get a wall,” said Schumer.

As we know, the Democrats have shut down the government by refusing to vote for a spending bill that contains one dime of border security funding. The message Schumer and the Democrats are sending is that their party puts criminal foreign invaders above the American people. That’s a message we should all remember in the next election and vote these anti-American clowns out of office.

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