Scumbag Shoots Girl In Head & Runs, Never Saw What Was Coming Moments Later

Scumbag Shoots Girl In Head & Runs, Never Saw What Was Coming Seconds Later
Marcos Tulio Flores

An altercation between a gangbanger and his sister-in-law was “resolved” in the only way that an uneducated thug knows how — by pulling out his gun, which was likely illegally obtained, and shooting the woman in the head. After taking care of his problem, he created another huge one for himself when he ran outside to get away and never saw what was coming.

Marcos Tulio Flores fled the gruesome scene at the Los Angeles home, where the bloody argument began on Monday around 10:45 p.m., and took off in his ride, which he had parked outside. Police soon caught up with him, and a highly unusual 90-minute pursuit ensued that ended in a way Flores definitely didn’t expect but certainly deserved.

According to KTLA5, Flores led police on a rather slow-paced pursuit, shooting at officers along the way to try to knock them off his tail one-by-one. That didn’t seem to work as these heroes managed to dodge the thug’s bullets, but Flores still felt that he had all the power when he got out of his car at some point along the way, taunting the officers by throwing objects at them and waving his arms erratically like a circus monkey.

“Finally, officers were able to PIT Flores’ vehicle, and box him in,” Blue Lives Matter reported. Since Flores didn’t take the cops seriously, they sent their secret weapon in the form of a “fur missile” after this wannabe badass.  The cop’s K9 put an immediate end to this disgraceful degenerate, who thought he could do whatever he wanted to cops but was bit in the butt by a dog.

Fur Missile Go!

Fur Missile Launch! See the full story here:

Posted by Blue Lives Matter on Tuesday, January 10, 2017

After the fury partner of the force put this gangbanger in his place, officers took Flores into custody. While he’s hearing the list of charges that will be brought against him, his shot sister-in-law remains in critical condition.

Her outcome is unclear at the moment, but at least the scumbag who did this to her is behind bars where he belongs and will have to tell the other inmates that he lost do a dog. If left up to Black Lives Matter to decide, police used an unfair use of force on a felon who was simply rolling along slower than a speed limit.

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