Secret Service Agent Suspended After Trump Finds Out Who Was In His Bed

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President Donald Trump’s Secret Service detail (left), a stock image for visual representation only (right).

Issues with the Secret Service continue to arise after an agent on Vice President Mike Pence’s detail was caught with his pants down — literally. The agent found himself in a very compromising position, and after President Donald Trump discovered who he had in his bed, there was no recourse but to suspend the deviant man.

When a Maryland hotel manager noticed some suspicious activity taking place in one of his establishment’s rooms, he decided to alert the authorities. Police responded to the scene, where they found an off-duty agent from Pence’s Secret Service detail meeting with a prostitute. The agent was subsequently arrested and charged with solicitation.

The Secret Service agent self-reported his arrest to the agency after the incident, which occurred last week. The agent was required to surrender his weapon and official gear. The employee was placed on administrative leave and his security clearance was suspended. [Source: Washington Free Beacon]

A Secret Service spokesperson acknowledged that the incident was under investigation by the Office of Professional Responsibility, telling CNN, “We are exploring the full range of disciplinary actions.”

Secret Service agents surround President Donald Trump and his family on Inauguration Day. (Source: The Hill)

This is not the first time a member of the Trump administration’s Secret Service has courted controversy. Last month, two agents who were tasked with protecting the president’s grandson were caught taking selfies with the boy while he was asleep.

The President’s grandson woke up, caught the agents in the act, and was understandably upset by their actions. He told his mother what happened, and the incident “quickly escalated to top management of the Secret Service.” [Source: Mediaite]

It’s no wonder there are high-ranking officials who have questioned whether Trump and his family are truly safe in the care of the Secret Service when incidents like these continue to arise. We are supposed to be dealing with the best of the best when it comes to the men and women who protect the president, not weirdos who frequent hookers and take pictures of children while they sleep. No doubt, Trump will continue weeding out the weakest links when it comes to those who surround him on a daily basis.

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