Secret Service On Edge As Trump Halts Motorcade & Swiftly Exits Vehicle

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President Donald Trump ordered his motorcade to abruptly halt this weekend while he was in Palm Beach.

President Donald Trump spent his weekend at his Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida, where one of the many nationwide “March 4 Trump” rallies was held on Saturday. While he was there, the Secret Service stood ready, on high alert, as Trump abruptly halted his motorcade, only to immediately exit the vehicle carrying him.

As the president’s supporters lined the streets in Palm Beach with homemade signs, demonstrating their appreciation for their Commander-in-Chief on Saturday, they were treated to an unexpected surprise as his motorcade came driving down Southern Blvd. Clearly touched by the moving display from his Florida supporters, President Trump ordered his driver to stop the car so that he could get out and acknowledge the hard-working Americans who came out in droves to spend their day off rallying for him.

“Did you see him?!” yelled one ecstatic woman. “That’s our president right there! He just came out! He said ‘hello’ and waved to all of us! That’s our president right there, folks!”

What is not apparent from watching the video footage of the incident is the grave security risk Trump took in order to stop his motorcade, get out of his vehicle, and wave to his supporters. Knowing this, the Secret Service agents protecting him that day were visibly on edge as their boss made his move.

According to security protocol, a presidential motorcade never stops while en route because that would constitute an opportunity for the president’s safety to be compromised. Furthermore, the vehicle carrying the president always remains unknown to the general public, lest anyone be given the opportunity to target him. Trump let everyone know which car he was in on Saturday when he stopped and got out.

Knowing that he was putting his own life in danger by doing this, the president still decided that it was important enough to acknowledge his loyal supporters to take that risk. This proves that he truly is a man of the people and does not take for granted the voters who helped him get to the White House in order to make America great again.

President Donald Trump exits his vehicle to wave to supporters who had come out in droves to rally for him.

The movement created by President Donald Trump has been truly unprecedented and unmatched in enthusiasm. His supporters flocked to campaign rallies in record numbers during his fight to beat Hillary Clinton in the presidential election, and when he asked them to counter the anti-Trump protests erupting across the nation, they delivered with their “March 4 Trump” rallies. The president has delivered, too, by immediately following through with his campaign promises upon taking office.

This has truly been a sight to behold, especially after eight long years of the Obama administration, which spent trillions of U.S. tax dollars doing absolutely nothing or aiding foreign enemies. No wonder Obama is working so hard to undermine Trump’s presidency — Trump has already accomplished more in the first month of his term than Obama did in eight years. There’s a new sheriff in town now, and his name is Donald J. Trump!

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