Security Cam Catches What Hillary & Bill Did Behind Building After Debate

Security Cam Catches What Hillary & Bill Did Behind Building After Debate
Hillary and Bill Clinton after the debate (left), Bill Clinton in audience at debate (right)

Hillary Clinton went into the debate with a smirk on her face. She was armed with the sexual comment Donald Trump made over a decade ago to use against him, but her plan backfired when Trump beat her to the punch by placing her husband’s alleged rape victims in the front row, making it uncomfortable for the Clintons who couldn’t wait to get out of there and were caught on camera behind the building in a moment she didn’t want out.

Although Hillary started out with the moderators on her side and acting confident as she spoke against Trump for how he supposedly treats women, the debate quickly devolved for the Butcher of Benghazi when her competition was more prepared to bring up his opponents misdeeds than what she thought she had on him. Trump held back in the first debate for this exact moment which couldn’t have been better planned as both Hillary and Bill look visibly uncomfortable by everything he unleashed about the two of them.

Bill was nestled in the audience among the women he sexually assaulted as his wife was on stage trying to pin Trump as a rapist for a few words she dug up that he said years ago. Her confident stature, as she rambled on about how she’s a strong leader and woman America needs, deteriorated as Trump nailed her on the deleted e-mails and a number of other scandals she’s gotten away with. By the end of the thrashing she had coming, her decrepit health was starting to show as she exited out a back door with embarrassed Bill, who had to help her down the stairs.

The verbal beating seemed to have taken a physical toll on the ailing candidate who struggled with getting down a few steps behind the building as her groping husband had to hold her up. This is what it has come to for the criminal couple who have lived years of lies, manipulation, and greed for power. They are just two elderly people who need to retire from the public eye and give the job to someone ten times more capable and honest than the both of them combined.

h/t: [GatewayPundit]