Men Shocked At What’s Found In Back Of Semi Parked Behind Dentist Office

Men Shocked At What's Found In Back Of Semi Parked Behind Dentist Office
Shots from terrifying scene as it unfolded behind a dentist office

A massive moving truck was parked behind a dentist office in Illinois when clients in a nearby business became concerned and got a look inside. As soon as they realized what was going on, police were called to the scene, and now, that entire strip mall is left with a horrid memory that nobody will forget.

Three movers with the Wisdom Moving Company parked their rig in the alley. Since they were a little early for their expected arrival, they decided to take a break as they sat in their truck. Seconds later, they were approached by a woman who snuck out of the back of Skyline Smiles, was breathing heavily, and had a strange request for the trio.

“We were just sitting there talking and all of a sudden she had came up to the side of the truck and she was really like frantic hysterical, freaking out like I need a phone, I need a phone right now to make a phone call,” mover Mike Zaininger recalled, according to Fox 13.

However, rather than giving her a phone, they put her in the back of the moving truck since she had informed them that she was being chased by an active shooter who came into her office. After getting her into the back and hiding her among boxes that they had loaded up from a nearby business, the situation quickly went from bad to worse.

Men Shocked At What's Found In Back Of Semi Parked Behind Dentist Office
Wisdom Movers turned heroes

Afraid for their own lives, the movers got in the cargo area of the truck with the woman when they began hearing shots go off not far from where they were parked. The shooter was frustrated at having lost his target and, in his rage, ended up turning the gun on himself and taking his own life. However, had it not been for the way Wisdom Movers happened to part that morning, along with a last minute change of pick-up time, the woman would have definitely been killed by this enraged psychopath who had stolen the gun in a home invasion.

The moving truck was facing away from the door she escaped the dentist office from, making it possible for the men to sneak her into the back quickly and easily before the shooter got there. Their quick action was definitely key as well, which is why they are being hailed heroes today, since the three of these otherwise average guys saved this woman’s life. The client they were scheduled to move that day had changed the time to an hour earlier, which also worked in this woman’s favor since the truck wouldn’t have been there to save her had they come at the originally scheduled time.

This woman was not supposed to die that day as every happenstance in this case came together perfectly. Had one piece of the events been different, she would have been dead. She was supernaturally protected, and the three men who helped her are superheroes dressed in blue-collar attire. Although they don’t expect any praise for their good deed, just the satisfaction of knowing this stranger is still alive is good enough, the dentist office where the woman worked publicly thanked the movers on their Facebook page.