EXPOSED: Senator Duckworth (D-IL) Tells Disgusting Lies About U.S. Soldiers

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Illinois Senator Tammy Duckworth is a combat veteran who lost both of her legs serving in Iraq. She is a gun owner who has taken multiple oaths to defend and preserve the US Constitution. She is also a Democrat, which means she is a liar and a hypocrite.

Sen. Tammy Duckworth (Photo Credit: screenshot CBS News)

Duckworth straight up lied about AR-15s being the same type of “weapon of war” that US soldiers carry in combat to push her unconstitutional gun control agenda.

The AR-15 (AKA America’s rifle) is a semi-automatic weapon that fires one round per trigger pull. It is not a full-auto or select-fire weapon like the M1, which is the standard issue combat rifle for the US Armed Forces. The U.S. military does not issue AR-15s to our soldiers.

Although the AR-15 is a semi-auto rifle that operates no differently than dozens of other weapons that nobody has a problem with, it looks scary to liberals so they want to ban it. To achieve this irrational and unconstitutional ban, they have to convince the American public that it is a devastating weapon of war through a coordinated disinformation campaign.

That’s where Tammy Duckworth comes in. For some reason, this Illinois Democrat wrote an opinion piece for the South Florida Sun Sentinel in which she told this whopper of a lie:

Imagine your own little girl or boy being forced to stare down the barrel of a semiautomatic. Then imagine knowing that their death was preventable — if only it weren’t so easy for anyone to get their hands on weapons of war, including the AR-15s used in most mass shootings in recent memory.

I come from a long line of combat veterans who have taken up arms to defend this nation since before George Washington crossed the Delaware, and I spent decades in the military myself. So I understand why these kinds of weapons exist.

But what I don’t get is why semiautomatics that U.S. service members carry around Fallujah are being sold to teenagers at the corner gun store.

It might be easier for her to understand if she wasn’t lying. No U.S. service member carried an AR-15 around Fallujah, and she knows it. Most Democrats say dumb things about guns out of sheer ignorance, but Duckworth served in the U.S. Army and knows damn well that our soldiers don’t carry semiautomatics that can be purchased at the “corner gun store.”

The dishonesty kept rolling as Duckworth mischaracterized where some recent mass shooters acquired their weapons.

And what I can’t even begin to comprehend is how after Newtown and Charleston, Orlando and Las Vegas, Parkland and Pittsburgh, nothing has changed. You can still just walk into a gun show then leave a few minutes later with a weapon in hand — without undergoing a background check.

None of those shooters exploited the “gun show loophole” to get the weapons they used, they were all purchased at gun stores which require background checks. The one exception is the Newton shooter who murdered his mom to steal her guns that had been legally purchased following a background check.

Also, the “gun show loophole” is a work of liberal fiction. Any gun purchase from a federally licensed firearm dealer must include a background check, and it doesn’t matter if that’s at a gun show or over the Internet.

Duckworth then brought all her lies together in a “unified BS theory” with this:

There are ways to stem the bleeding. Common-sense bills we could pass that wouldn’t come close to infringing on anyone’s Second Amendment rights — like legislation to strengthen background checks that 97 percent of Americans support, including 91 percent of veterans and even most NRA members.

A universal background check system is not going to stop mass shootings like the ones Duckworth cited because all of the shooters’ guns were purchased legally through dealers with background screening, but that’s hardly the biggest lie in this last statement.

The universal background system the Democrats want to pass includes establishing a national gun registry. That means that the federal government would have a list of everyone who had a gun and what types of guns they owned. Should the government turn on the people, like say if the Democrats were in charge, and decide they wanted to disarm the American people, a gun registry would be an awesome and efficient way to do that.

The purpose of the 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms is so that the people would have a means to defend themselves against a tyrannical government. If the tyrannical government had the tools to take away the people’s defense, that would be the ultimate nullification of a guaranteed civil right. Not only does a universal background check come close to infringing on our 2nd Amendment rights, it obliterates them.

Our troops don’t carry AR-15s, more laws don’t stop criminals from committing crimes, and gun control is an infringement on our 2nd Amendment rights. If someone has a legitimate point, they don’t need to lie to make it. Tammy Duckworth told several lies here, which is all you need to know about how illegitimate the Democrats’ gun control agenda really is.

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