Senator Shares Photo Of ‘Sexy’ Obama, What He Does Next Leaves Trump Supporters Furious

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A Democratic senator has taken things a bit too far on social media. In an act meant to ruffle feathers, the politician decided to share a “sexy” photo of former President Barack Obama. However, it’s what he did next to that photo that has left Trump supporters across the nation absolutely furious.

Liberal Shares Photo Of 'Sexy' Obama, What He Does Next Leaves Trump Supporters Furious
President Donald Trump (left), former President Barack Obama (right) (Photo Credit: Chris Kleponis-Pool/Getty Images, TomThunkIt/Twitter)

Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) is no fan of our current Commander-in-Chief, President Donald Trump. Of course, as most Democrats do, he believes former President Barack Obama was a good fit for our nation. In an effort to further relay his distaste for Trump, the Democratic senator decided to retweet a post on Twitter, featuring a “flattering” photo of Obama with a less-than-flattering image of President Trump alongside it.

Along with the images, the original poster included the caption, “ObamaCare vs. TrumpCare…you decide.” As if that didn’t show enough disrespect for our current president, Leahy decided to take things one step further and open his mouth to add further insult, and now, Trump supporters are angry.

After re-tweeting the image of the “sexy” Obama and “ugly” Trump, he decided to add a little joke, along with it, saying, “I KNOW I shouldn’t have re-tweeted this. A moment of weakness…”

Obviously, with the re-tweet, Leahy was implying that Obamacare, based on Obama’s looks, is better for Americans, while Trumpcare, based on Trump’s looks, would be a disaster. However, this clearly couldn’t be any more wrong and only further proves how idiotic liberals can be to make a point — even if it’s a bad one. It should be mentioned that both the current and former president are currently on Obamacare since John McCain screwed Americans, but that is only one of the flaws in the comparison.

Sharing a photo of two presidents and comparing them is one thing. However, doing it based on appearances is simply disrespectful and uncalled for. Being a president doesn’t have a requirement of being “sexy” or “athletic,” it requires the person to be able to get the job done and to take care of the American people while succeeding in doing what’s best for our nation. Hence, Donald Trump’s presidency is the better choice of the two — not Barack Obama’s.

The fact that Obamacare is a complete and utter failure is evidence of the kind of leader Obama was — one who was only concerned about himself and his legacy. He was arrogant and narcissistic, so it’s fitting that his following is only looking at his physical appearance — a shallow evaluation for a shallow man.

What’s more, they are comparing the physique of a man in his 50s to one in his 70s. Leave it to a liberal Democrat to compare apples to oranges in a weak attempt to make a point. Weak; that’s about the only part of Leahy’s tweet that had an ounce of truth to it but he even had that a little off — it wasn’t a “moment of weakness,” his arguments are just weak in general.

Several Trump supporters were furious over what they were seeing, and they let it be known. One user made a very valid point about another take we could all have from looking at the pictures: “left picture could be captioned, Obamacare premiums so high, not much left for food. Right picture could be captioned, a booming successful thriving economy.” Another added, “When facts don’t go your way turn to personal attacks. The Democrat way,” and yet another Trump supporter gave hateful liberals a valuable lesson, suggesting, “Let’s compare hearts!!! I️ don’t care about flesh it’s the heart that makes the person.”

It’s a shame that liberals in our country are so blinded by their own views that they can’t spot a good president when they have one. Trump is clearly taking initiative and getting things done in Washington, D.C., to do as he promised and “Make America Great Again.” Even after having several years of Obama’s disastrous reign, members of the left still can’t see how bad Obama was and how good Trump is for the entire country. Hopefully, it’s only a matter of time before they start realizing that a president with a brain is far better than a president who pretends to be perfect.

Oh, and one more thing. I think we all know why they compared the appearances of the two presidents instead of their wives.