Senator’s Supreme Court Prediction Leaves Liberals Shaking In Their Loafers

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Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg (left), Senator Chuck Grassley, R-IA (right)

Senator Chuck Grassley has made a rather stunning prediction about the Supreme Court that has the left shaking in their loafers. The Iowa congressman chose to eliminate some information, so it’s difficult to say if he’s correct or not. However, some political pundits do agree with his assessment, and liberals are freaking out.

The confirmation of Neil Gorsuch as the newest Justice of the Supreme Court was not drama free. The whole process was obstructed from the beginning by Democrats who were still butt hurt that Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election. With no other choice, Republicans amended the rules in order for Gorsuch to be confirmed. Now, it looks like that move will haunt Democrats at least once more, and maybe even as soon as this summer.

Grassley said he thinks that President Donald Trump will get the opportunity to replace another Supreme Court Justice, and this time, it’ll be a liberal being replaced by a conservative. That could upset the balance of the court and swing the country to the right for decades to come. That’s good news for conservatives who wish to see life protected and their rights to keep and bear arms intact. However, it’s absolutely terrifying if you’re a leftist. It looks like communism will have to wait, liberals.

According to The Hill, Grassley has predicted the retirement of a liberal or “swing voter” Supreme Court Justice this summer, at which point, President Trump would be making the decision on whom will fill the empty seat. Two Justices, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Anthony Kennedy, are in their 80s, and Justice Stephen Breyer is 78.

The Iowa Republican, who’s also chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, said there is a “rumored” upcoming retirement but declined to say which justice he expects to step down. “I would expect a resignation this summer,” Grassley said during a question and answer session with the Muscatine Journal in Iowa. Grassley added that the president’s next Supreme Court nominee would likely come off the list of roughly two dozen names Trump announced before taking over the White House.

President Trump would then be responsible for a court which could decide cases that have devastated the country in the past, like Roe vs. Wade. Imagine if life was still protected and murder and killing were still illegal in all situations that are not self-defense. Anthony Kennedy, known as the “swing voter,” is the one to watch, according to The New York Times. The Trump administration is allegedly already looking at potential successors if Kennedy retires too. This would put the Supreme Court firmly in the hands of conservatives for at least 3 decades.

Although Democrats will still be able to drag out a nomination by filibustering, Republicans will only need 51 instead of 60 votes to break the stonewalling and confirm another Justice to the Supreme Court.

Grassley’s prediction is shared by a few political pundits as well, who see Trump filling at least two Supreme Court seats. Having a right-leaning Supreme Court will ensure that horrid laws, which restrict the freedom of Americans, are deemed unconstitutional. It could also be the tipping point needed to protect our rights from an overreaching and left-leaning communist type government, like what we experienced under Barack Obama.