Senators Plead With Obama Officials For Terrorist Info – Waiting For Next Attack?

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Recoil, duck, roll, cover, and deny are the instinctive initial reactions on the part of the least transparent regime in history to any effort by those not in their exclusive executive branch club to find out what they are up to. Ignoring those attempts can be an equally valuable tool of Obama obstructionists, as Senators Jeff Sessions and Ted Cruz have learned over the past five months.

Back on August 12th of last year, the two Senators sent a letter to a trio of Obama officials – DHS Secretary Jihadi Jeh Johnson, Attorney General Loretta Lynch, and Secretary of State John Kerry. The pair requested information about 72 individuals, many naturalized US citizens, who are charged with committing or plotting terrorist acts. They made it “coloring book easy” for the busy Obama operatives to reply by attaching a chart with spaces where the information could be written.

In the wake of the San Bernardino terrorist attack, the Senators sent a follow-up letter to their first, in which they repeated their requests. Still, for some reason, the Obamanistas have not found the time within the last five months to respond to the two Senators’ requests. Maybe they were too busy peddling the “greater threat” of climate change or harassing Americans if they were found to be insufficiently nice to Islamists. Being an anti-American agent does require a significant time commitment.

A January 8th article in the Washington Free Beacon revealed that since their first attempts to gather the relevant information, another 41 individuals have been identified, bringing the new total to 113. The regime operatives are still fine, since it takes no more effort to ignore 113 individuals than it does 72.

The most recent letter, dated January 11th, was posted on Senator Sessions’ Senate website and reads in part:

On August 12 and December 3, we sent letters requesting that you provide basic information regarding the immigration histories of 72 individuals in the United States who have been identified as having an affiliation with Islamic terrorism. It has now been approximately five months since we sent our first letter, and we still do not have the requested information – despite the occurrence of a terrorist attack in San Bernardino carried out by a Muslim migrant and the child of Muslim migrants.

We have now identified an additional 41 individuals, bringing the total to 113 individuals who have been implicated in Islamic terrorism in some manner since early 2014. Of these 113 individuals, at least 14 were initially admitted to the United States as refugees. Many more came through other immigration programs. A number of immigrant terrorists were even approved for citizenship. Others are the U.S.-born children of foreign migrants whose presence in the country would not be possible but for the immigration of their parents.

The resources spent every year investigating the countless number of immigrant terrorist suspects in the United States are astronomical. And yet, as this costly and dangerous status quo continues, the U.S. continues to admit approximately 680,000 migrants from Muslim countries every five years.

The American people are entitled to information on the immigration history of terrorists seeking to harm them.

Therefore, please complete the attached chart – which has been updated since August – in addition to responding to our previous letters. Additionally, for any similar cases that arise between the date of this letter and the date of your reply, please include the pertinent information for those cases in the attached chart, and please provide a complete, unredacted copy of the Alien File for any non-citizen or naturalized citizen.

We appreciate your prompt attention to this matter.

The Senators, southern gentlemen to a fault, referred to the trio of obfuscators as “honorable” in their salutations and also thanked them for their “prompt” response in closing. Etiquette and good manners don’t have to mean much, but at least they know what respect means even if it’s misplaced.

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