WATCH: Sesame Street Brainwashes Kids On Whole New Level With Sick Parody Of “Orange Is The New Black”

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Taylor Schilling (left), Sesame Street Parody scene (right)

A disturbing clip of Sesame Street’s new parody of the very adult Netflix show “Orange Is The New Black” is shocking many viewers on the web as the tax dollar funded “kids show” takes brainwashing children to a whole new level. Watch as the liberal minds behind Sesame Street blend the normal with the obscene in an attempt to introduce their young audience to prison life and the LGBT agenda with something as simple as an orange snack.

Anyone familiar with the raunchy hypersexual and often extremely violent Netflix show can immediately see how the writers over at Sesame Street intentionally paralleled their “kids show” to emulate what adult viewers see on the disturbing episodes of “Orange Is The New Black.”

Making the idea of prison life seem cute or appealing by giving the puppet characters names such as “Piper Snackman” and “googly-eyes” wasn’t enough for the ultra-liberal producers of the show. Even the name of the prison that the main character “visits” is simply changed from “Litchfield Penitentiary” to “Litchfield Academy.”

Was there ever anyone more obsessed with the obscene than those currently on the left? What ever happened to Sesame Street sticking to simple letters and numbers? Using an adult show, which often depicts gruesome scenes of murder, rape, sex, and violence, as a platform for teaching kids the value of eating fruit is insidious.

As the clip begins, a version of the theme song plays, called “The Girls of School,” mimicking the original track used for the show, Regina Spektor’s “You’ve Got Time.” When the music stops, “Mr. Mustache,” the warden, says, “Listen up young ladies, let’s welcome our newest student to Litchfield Academy,” according to the video also posted by Mashable.

“What’s your name,” he asks. “Um, Piper, Piper Snackman,” responds the new student (inmate). Piper then remarks that the uniforms at Litchfield are interesting before one of the other characters tells her, “You’ll get used to them.” As the skit continues, Sesame Street introduces “Googly-eyes,” the female puppet supposed to represent the character played on the original show by actress Uzo Aduba. “Sit next to me Piper Snackman, I’m Googly-eyes,” she says.

Undoubtedly, Netflix is probably pleased beyond all comprehension at the prospect of millions of new young viewers already familiar with its violent prison life show. Children remember and understand concepts much faster than adults do, and that is why the liberal controlled entertainment industry, together with those in public education, want to commence the presentation of this kind of material to kids at an early age.

It isn’t harmless or innocent, but it is something we can change. The tens of millions of tax dollars granted to PBS for its programming each year are now within the control of a Republican-led government. There were early reports from President Donald Trump’s transition team showing that funding for PBS was to be cut significantly, according to Breitbart. In the temporary budget passed by Congress, no such elimination of wasteful spending was included.

This recent parody from Sesame Street is just more proof of a society with a liberal disease. Each and every American patriot concerned about how their tax dollars are being spent should badger their congressional representatives to make this kind of publicly funded obscenity a thing of the past.

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