Sex Worker Reveals Disturbing Details Of 2-Year Affair With Anthony “O-Face” Weiner

A sex worker from California, who recently came forward with proof that she and Anthony Weiner had a raunchy affair for two years, has revealed some very disturbing details. This is wrong on so many levels.

Anthony Weiner (inset) (Photo Credit: YouTube/CBS News)

Former Democratic Congressman Anthony Weiner (D-NY), who is now serving a 21-month prison sentence for sexting an underage girl, is back in the spotlight after a sex worker from California provided proof of their 2-year “business relationship” to The Gateway Pundit.

First of all, the prostitute from California was smart to keep quiet until Weiner was locked up. At one time, Weiner was closely connected with the Clinton crime family, and it wouldn’t have been difficult for him to make her disappear like so many other unfortunate souls who found themselves within Bill and Hillary’s deadly radius.

Screenshot of Anthony Weiner’s email (Photo Credit: The Gateway Pundit)

The sex worker told The Gateway Pundit that she had a lurid relationship with Weiner from 2014 until 2016 and provided disturbing details about their encounters, including the fact that he would often have his two laptops open and accessible while she was at the apartment that he shared with his wife Huma Abedin.

According to Breitbart, the laptops became the focal point of the Clinton email scandal prior to the presidential election when thousands of State Department emails, many classified, were found on one of Weiner’s laptops. In early February 2018, it was revealed that former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe knew about Weiner’s possession of classified emails nearly a month before notifying Congress. It would appear that the FBI tried to hide the damning evidence and only revealed Weiner’s emails after George Tascos, who worked for the DOJ, found the emails.

Now, back to the 30-year-old sex worker from California. The woman requested that her identity is kept private so that her current clients would not be scared away. She reportedly said that she would fly out to meet Weiner in New York at his apartment while Abedin was away and their son was at daycare or preschool.

The prostitute said that she and Weiner met on Twitter and began to converse after she responded to a few of his tweets. Not long after that, the tweet exchange turned into a sexual relationship when the two met in person for the first time just before New Year’s Eve in 2014. She also explained that the two-year employment opportunity ended all of a sudden in 2016 after Weiner was caught sexting a 15-year-old girl.

The prostitute provided copies of messages between herself and Weiner, some of which were very explicit while others were even more disturbing. One message she received from Weiner prior to their first meeting talked about his holiday plans to order “Chinese food and a Thai stripper.”

Screenshot of Anthony Weiner’s email (Photo Credit: The Gateway Pundit)

“Sometimes, he’d come across as a reasonably mature man. Other times, he was a petty b*tch whose wife and in-laws hated him. I met him at his apartment in NY a few times when Huma was either out/traveling for business and his kid was at daycare. He said he was separated at the time (which wasn’t really true) and that he hadn’t contacted other women since, with the exception of me,” the woman told The Gateway Pundit.

The woman also said that she and Weiner talked politics on a superficial level and that he once told her he was hopeful that Hillary Clinton would win. “During our last get-together, I asked him if he was excited for Hillary Clinton and Huma. Anthony said he hoped Hillary wins the election so his wife would be away more often and that the White House wouldn’t bother to invite him to major events so he could f-ck whoever he wanted,” she alleged.

Screenshot of Anthony Weiner’s email (Photo Credit: The Gateway Pundit)

Weiner would reportedly pay the sex worker $1,000 in addition to a considerable tip when she would travel to New York. “He paid me in cash like a 17-year-old drug dealer because he ‘didn’t want to leave a trail.’ Apparently, he wasn’t bright enough to realize that emails and phone records leave trails too. What an idiot,” the woman said.

She also said that Weiner would often leave his laptops open in two rooms during her visits to his apartment. “In his apartment, he would have at least two laptops open – one was in the bedroom and the other was usually in the kitchen – but I never bothered to snoop around and didn’t really care at the time,” she explained. “I know one laptop was password protected because I accidentally hit the keyboard and the Enter Password screen came up. I never saw any specific/confidential content though nor did he discuss much political matters with me.”

When asked if she could have accessed either of Weiner’s laptops, the woman said that she would have had no problem doing so because Weiner was “careless” and “should have had everything on lockdown.” She continued, “Maybe it’s my ego or the fact that he’s just a weak-minded compliant man, but it would’ve been incredibly easy for me to get him to let his guard down and get whatever I wanted,” she said. “He’s lucky I was so apathetic at the time.”

The sex worker also noted how often Weiner talked about his hate for his wife’s family and how much they resented him. That part of the report is not shocking at all. Weiner is a repulsive human being and, in my opinion, not a suitable husband for anyone’s daughter — not even for Huma Abedin, and that says a lot.

Screenshot of Anthony Weiner’s email (Photo Credit: The Gateway Pundit)

When asked about why she hadn’t come forward sooner, the woman said, “I wasn’t interested in putting my name out in public, especially when I knew that mainstream outlets would’ve likely tried to smear me by calling me a lying whore who only wants attention/settlements/etc. Sex workers never get a fair shake in the public forum and I preferred to avoid the headache that would’ve came with me. Plus, Anthony’s lies have attracted karma in a big way and he’s paying dearly in prison,” the woman explained.

Additionally, the sex worker said she was ashamed to admit that she had a physical affair with someone who “f-cks like a mechanical robot and has the worst O-face in history.” Ouch, that isn’t going to comfort Anthony Weiner when he reads it from his prison cell. In all seriousness, we owe a debt of gratitude to Weiner for being so careless as to open up a whole new window of opportunity to investigate the Clinton crime family.

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