Shannon Watts Tries to School Tomi Lahren, Ends Up Insulting Immigrants

In a feeble attempt to bash conservative writer Tomi Lahren, liberal Shannon Watts tried to throw a comment back at her. Instead, she ended up posting a racist insult at immigrant families. She quickly deleted the tweet, but we have the screenshot.

Shannon Watts tried to school Tomi Lahren, only to be more racist than any conservative. (Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube)

We know exactly the kind of tired, useless strategy the left uses against conservatives. For a very long time, liberals have called us racist for supporting our views. In their tiny minds, wanting to protect the border is racist against Mexicans. It’s no such thing. Conservatives want to protect the border from illegal immigrants. It has nothing to do with race. If a Mexican family wants to come to America, then, by all means, they should.

They just follow the rules and do it legally.

Liberals can’t seem to wrap this concept around their heads. They don’t seem to understand the basics of following the law. Despite the fact that illegal immigration is bad for everybody, including illegal immigrants, Democrats accuse us of racism. They want America to believe that conservatives don’t want illegals, because we hate Mexicans.

That argument quickly falls apart in the face of the facts. Conservatives time and again prove to be the most welcoming, kind-hearted, and charitable citizens in the country. Leftists love to spout off talking points about “opportunity” or “open borders,” but these same people have little respect for the people whom they claim to support.

Conservative writer Tomi Lahren posted a tweet. She smartly criticized the way illegal immigration takes food from American families.

Liberal Shannon Watts, who is the founder of @MomDemand, decided to throw the comment back at Lahren. Oh, she thought up a real doozy too:

Wow. First of all, Walmart has raised its wages, thanks to Trump’s tax cuts.

She’s also wrong about Walmart’s pay which was raised to $11 an hour after the GOP tax bill passed last year. [Source: Twitchy]

But let’s focus on the real gem of this tweet. Apparently, Shannon Watts, who is an entrenched Democrat, thinks illegal immigrants come to America to scrub toilets. Ouch. Isn’t America the land of opportunity? Haven’t countless (legal) immigrants come here for a better life? They work hard to start a business, get an education, or make something better for their families.

But the best illegal immigrants can hope for is to scrub toilets for $7.25 an hour, according to liberals. You see, they know it sucks for illegal immigrants. Because they aren’t here legally, they can’t get good-paying jobs. They lack education and opportunity to make something of themselves because they have to stay below the government’s radar. So, they are resigned to do menial labor or low-paying jobs.

Here’s the big secret: the Democrats want this. They like illegal immigrants being second-class citizens (or non-citizens, as the case may be). That’s why illegals will be forced to take low-paying jobs and rely on government assistance. People who are dependent on the government aren’t living the American dream. They are forced to do what the Democrats tell them to do. They are little more than wards of the state.

Naturally, when Shannon Watts realized her huge mistake, she deleted the tweet. She doesn’t realize how technology works, however. Many people already took screenshots of it and spread it across the Internet.

Exactly, Tim Pool. People who come to America must do so legally. That way, they can pursue whatever career or goal they desire. If they start with cleaning toilets, great! They can then work their way up to a manager one day, but not if they are hiding from the government.

I guess Democrats don’t understand that basic fact. Like so many other groups in this country, they want immigrants to be weak, poor, and completely reliant on their party.