Sharia Law In Boston: Judge Orders Christian Pastor To Learn Islam

Sharia law is stealthily seeping its way into the fabric of American society. From our Commander-in-Chief to our Attorney General Loretta Lynch, freely speaking out against Islam is becoming against the law, as unbelievable as that sounds. You can be thrown in jail for speaking your mind about Muslims and Islamic ideology — just ask Pastor Daisy Obi.

Pastor Daisy Obi, a 73-year-old ordained minister from Nigeria, is facing two years in jail or a reduced 18 months if she submits to enrolling in classes on Islam to “understand the Muslim faith.” But this didn’t happen in her home country of Nigeria — it’s happening right here, in the U.S.

daisy obi
Pastor Daisy Obi

Pastor Daisy is a Christian ordained pastor now living in Boston. She also rents out an apartment within her home. One of her tenants, Gihan Suliman, accused the 73-year-old pastor of assault and battery and “yelling anti-Mulsim slogans against her.” Suliman lives in the apartment with her family and upwards to 15 other people who come and go. This caused Pastor Daisy concern, and she attempted several times to contact Suliman but never received a response.

More from Pamela Gellar: [emphasis added]

Suliman said Obi accused her of ringing her doorbell, shouted at her and pushed her. Suliman said she fell backward down 15 to 20 stairs, hitting her face on the banister, cutting her lip and tearing a ligament in her shoulder.

Obi vehemently denied making any anti-Muslim statements to Suliman or pushing her. She testified she was inside her apartment praying when she heard a knock at the door from the police, who arrested her.

Daisy Obi was sentenced her to two years in jail on the assault and battery charge for pushing Suliman but required her to serve only six months, with the remaining 18 months suspended if she complied with certain probation conditions.

“I want you to learn about the Muslim faith,” he said. “I want you to enroll and attend an introductory course on Islam. “I do want you to understand people of the Muslim faith, and they need to be respected. They may worship Allah … but they need to be respected.”

Obi said in a phone interview that she believes Suliman had a vendetta against her because she refused to allow her to let more people live in her apartment.

Obi also said she believes Suliman hates her because she is a Christian.

Judge Paul Yee Jr
Judge Paul Yee, Jr

Judge Paul Yee, Jr sentenced Pastor Daisy last year, calling her “the landlord from hell.” Pastor Daisy’s attorney is appealing the case, which will be a landmark decision — can a judge order someone to “learn or attend classes of a religion” as a punishment?

It goes to the heart of the Constitution. It says volumes about the climate in America if our officials are doing legal gymnastics to force Islam on citizens of the United States. For a judge to conjure up this type of “learn Islam, respect Islam” or go to jail, sure sounds like Sharia law.

Pastor Daisy’s guilt or innocence is a moot point about the overall bigger issue of enforcing a Sharia law punishment in a U.S. court of law, but it is worthy to note that Suliman’s story seems contrived. Pamela Gellar, who is helping with the appeal, states:

First off, I do not believe that Pastor Daisy Obi, a 73-year-old ordained minister from Nigeria, threw the Islamic supremacist Gihan Suliman down the stairs. I think she is a liar — I have seen this too any times. Muslim revenge. Muslims in Muslim countries under the sharia do this all the time: accuse Christians of blasphemy in order to get them jailed or punished.

This case, similar to a “domestic dispute,” is a case based on who the judge “believes.” Pastor Daisy, who is 73 years old and not in the best of health, seems an unlikely candidate for a physical altercation with a younger woman. The case will be heard on this coming January 8th. We shall see if a higher court affirms Judge Lee’s decision that, under the Constitution, the state can force a citizen to “take classes and be respectful” of any religion. This is as un-American as it can get.

Muslims are waging jihad against America, and that jihad takes many forms. As we have heard so many times from the Muslim leaders, their jihad on the “Great Satan” is a war from within, as much as it is a war from outside the U.S. They speak about infiltrating our culture and overturning our laws. This case sure smells exactly like that.

From their “holy books” Muslims are commanded to spread Islam by any means possible. Muslim law, as most know, is called “Sharia.” Sharia is the ultimate authority over any laws, even the laws of the country Muslims are living in. Little by little the goal is to have Sharia law replace or overide all U.S. law. We are seeing these cases more and more across the country.

Infiltrating the West with the Syrian refugee crisis is also called “biological jihad,” which is breeding more children in western countries, until the population becomes majority Muslim. These are tactics “from within” a country. Bringing fake lawsuits to force judges into mandating “tolerance” is another jihad “from within” a western country.

Along with the Islamic State (ISIS/Daesh) marching across the Middle East, the jihad from “within” is making headway, while our President and his regime sit idly by obsessing about Americans possessing guns. What is right is wrong, what is wrong is right. That is what Obama has transformed this country into.

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