Sharia Law Is Coming To The West, And Here’s What Will Be Outlawed

The duty of every Muslim, whether they consider themselves moderate, devout, or progressive, is to follow the mandatory five pillars of Islam and to strive with their wealth and lives to establish Sharia law in every country on earth. This Islamic law is a religious governing body that subjugates every citizen, regardless of faith, to adhere to the harsh and often impossible requirements in the Quran and Hadith.

As liberals embrace Islam, America slowly creeps towards implementing Sharia-based legislation. With this legislation comes a medieval form of governance that resurrects some of the most inhumane laws that the U.S. fought for generations to eradicate.

However, Anjem Choudary, a prominent Islamic scholar in the UK, is openly forewarning the West of what they can expect if the ummah (Muslim community) gets their way. The controversial preacher tweeted a few of the many things that will be outlawed under Sharia.

Promiscuity can be anything from sex before marriage to simply talking with an opposite gender friend. “Freemixing,” which is defined in Islam as men and women not related by blood or marriage congregating, would be punishable by fines, flogging, or even prison.

Segregation, one of the most shameful iniquities of America’s past, is being called for by one of the most influential imams in the Western Muslim community. However, Choudary isn’t only free to demand the overthrow of Western governments and culture. In fact, he openly acknowledged his support for the Islamic State on the most recent episode of The Glazov Gang.

In an incredibly passionate debate, Choudary went head-to-head with American Muslim activist Isa Hodge and renown American author and researcher Raymond Ibrahim to discuss whether Islamic theology inspires ISIS to commit the most heinous atrocities.

While Choudary admits that ISIS is using the same jihad that the Islamic Prophet Muhammad waged 1,400 years ago against local tribes, he refuses to acknowledge that they are raping young girls and selling them as sex slaves.

Regardless of the many Quranic verses that justify the Islamic State’s onslaught, Isa Hodge alleges that they are “cherry picking scriptures” that have nothing to do with violence, although, like many Westernized Muslims, he cannot provide the context to prove his claim.

Raymond Ibrahim explains that while Muslims often use atrocities committed in the name of other religions to divert focus from Islam’s inherently violent behavior, it does not justify Islamic violence happening today.

However, Ibrahim reminds us that this isn’t aggression towards an oppression, like Choudary asserts, but compulsory command ongoing throughout Islam’s history. To understand Islam’s homicidal present, we must study its past.

Hodge purports that Malaysia is the prime example of Islam’s peaceful spread, citing it as the largest Muslim nation. This is not only untrue, but a dangerous diversion from the actual problem. Not only is Malaysia’s Muslim population a miniscule 17 million, they only make up 61 percent, not nearly enough to express the indisputable danger that comes along with a Muslim nation whose population is nearly 100 percent.

Afghanistan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, Libya, Palestine, and Somalia have Muslim populations nearing 100 percent, and they are also home to some of the most abhorrent human rights violations because of strict Sharia law.

Still, the battle continues among those who understand the Islamic Prophet Muhammad’s violent behavior and its motivation for the most devout Muslims, but it’s not too late for the West.

Although leftists have ignorantly embraced Sharia, groups like The Glazov Gang are working around the clock to expose this threat known as “creeping Sharia.” The Gang was recently able to raise enough funds to keep from going off the air, but they still need help from those of us who refuse to stand by as our nation folds to Islam.

To continue to fight the Islamization of America, The Glazov Gang has set up a PayPal account, asking fans to directly support their defense of freedom and democracy. If they are unable to raise enough money, they will be forced to shut down the show.

Freedom doesn’t protect itself. It’s time for the grassroots movement to rise up and stand against the Islamization of our great nation, lest our grandchildren be subject to its brutality.

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