Man Feels Sharp Pain In Back After Muslim Shows Train Ticket, Horrified To See What It Was

Man Feels Sharp Pain In Back After Muslim Shows Train Ticket, Horrified To See What It Was
Karim Alaa Hussain (left), a stock image for visual representation (right)

While riding a train, a man had no idea what was in store for him after a nearby passenger was asked to show their ticket. Unfortunately, things would take a shocking turn as the unsuspecting rider felt a sharp pain in his back just moments later – and he would be left horrified to learn what it actually was.

The incident took place aboard a train in Sweden as passengers were making their way from Stockholm to Hallsberg. As is customary, a female conductor walked down the middle aisle asking each and every rider to show their tickets so that she could verify that they were authentic.

Although things were going according to plan at first, that would all change when the woman stumbled across a female Muslim passenger. Doing what she had done to all the other riders before, the conductor courteously asked to see the woman’s ticket – and that’s when things took a turn.

According to Breitbart, the woman told the train officials that she had already shown her ticket to someone else which prompted another Muslim, a 25-year-old man later identified as Karim Alaa Hussain, to take action. Without warning, Hussain sprang to his feet in defense of his fellow Islamist, claiming that the only reason the woman was being asked to show her ticket was because the conductor was “racist.”

Although every other eyewitness to the event said the train official was “polite and courteous,” Hussain apparently didn’t think that was the case, FriaTider reports. In fact, he felt so strongly about his opinion of the incident at the time that he was about to make things exponentially worse.

Police reports indicate that other passengers tried to intervene as the Muslim man became “extremely intimidating,” but this only added fuel to the fire. Before long, Hussain was making death threats to fellow passengers on the train before he hit one of the other passengers in the face, but the worst was yet to come.

Alarmed, Hussain’s victim wrestled the Muslim to the floor in hopes of holding him there until police could arrive, but the violent attacker managed to free himself. Unfortunately, that’s about the time that the good Samaritan felt a sharp pain in his back that would leave him horrified when he found out what it was.

As it turns out, Hussain had brandished a long kitchen knife after rising to his feet and stabbed the man four times in the side and back, inflicting critical internal wounds. In a disgusting display, the Muslim then strutted around the train cabin “as if he had won the national championship,” showing off his bloody knife to terrified passengers.

He was eventually arrested and told officers that he acted in “self-defense” and was “proud” of what he did, but a judge didn’t buy his excuse. In all, Hussain was given an eight-and-a-half-year sentence – but this story actually gets worse.

As it turns out, the Muslim man should have been in prison for another 3 and 1/2 years during the time of the attack but was granted early release. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Hussain will not be deported when he is released as he was granted citizenship back in 2008 despite already having racked up several convictions.

Once upon a time, Sweden was known to be the liberal utopia of the world – the beacon for true progress. However, it seems that their own policies are now resulting in blood running through their streets as they continue to bend over in the name of Islam.

Even now, they have the chance to ensure the safety of their citizens by getting rid of a violent attempted murderer, but they won’t. There is something seriously wrong with people willing to put political correctness above the safety of innocent people — and it has to stop.

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