Sheila Jackson Lee Slips Unknown Envelope To Ford’s Anti-Trump Lawyer

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Attorney Michael Bromwich, who joined Christine Blasey Ford’s legal team just last week, is a known Democratic operative and rabid hater of President Donald Trump. He is even representing fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe. Bromwich is supposed to be working “pro bono” for Ford, but eagle-eyed reporters caught Sheila Jackson Lee looking nervous as she approached Bromwich and then slipped him what appeared to be an envelope.

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee has a very suspicious exchange with Attorney Michael Bromwich at Senate hearing (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshots)

The Democrats mounted a vicious smear campaign against Judge Brett Kavanaugh, and now, it has all backfired. During the Senate hearings recess, Michael Bromwich, who just happened to join Christine Blasey Ford’s legal team, stood up, and Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee approached him.

Bromwich seemed to know exactly what Jackson Lee is going to do. As he shakes her hand, she slips him what appears to be an envelope. We cannot say for absolute certainty what this envelope contained, but Bromwich seemed to be expecting it, and Jackson Lee looked nervous handing it off.

Bromwich immediately puts it into his inner coat pocket. They exchange no further words. It only last 16 seconds, but what this Trump-hating attorney says a few minutes later, makes this a very big deal.

According to NBC, “Christine Blasey Ford’s attorneys told the committee Thursday that they are representing her on a pro bono basis. During questions from Mitchell about who was paying for Ford’s legal representation, one of Ford’s lawyers, Michael Bromwich, said, ‘Both her counsel are doing this pro bono.'”

“We are not being paid,” he said. “And, we have no expectations of being paid.” Now, watch Sheila Jackson Lee nervously slip Bromwich an envelope:

Bromwich proved he is dirty by not informing Blasey Ford that she did not have to appear at an open hearing. CNS News reports, “In the hearing, when Ford was asked if anyone, including her lawyers, had relayed to her the committee’s offer to visit her in California, Ford refused to answer as her lawyer objected:

Question: “Okay. Was it communicated to you by your counsel or someone else that the committee had asked to interview you, and that they offered to come out to California to do so?”

Counsel: “I’m going to object, Mr. Chairman, to any call for privileged conversation between counsel and Dr. Ford.”

Question: “Could you validate that the offer was made, without her saying a word? Is it possible for that question to be answered without violating any counsel relationships?”

Ford: “Can I say something to you? Do you mind if I say something to you directly? I just appreciate that you did offer that. I wasn’t clear on what the offer was. If you were going to come out to see me, I would have happily hosted you and been happy to speak with you out there. I just did not — it was not clear to me that that was the case.

It is the duty of every attorney, under the attorney’s code of ethics, that they must relay any and all information to their client. Clearly, these Democratic handlers used Ford and cared nothing about her or her wishes. She admitted to having an anxiety disorder and other mental issues.

Bromwich says he took this case “pro bono.” But he also had to quit his current job to take this Ford case, this big Democratic smear campaign. Daily Kos reported, “Former DoJ Inspector General Michael Bromwich has just resigned from his Law Firm, The Bromwich Group, to assist Dr. Christine Blasey Ford in her confrontational fight to expose Brett Kavanaugh’s sexual assault on her.”

Do you think he did this out of the kindness of his heart and quit his job to work for free? We know he hates President Donald Trump. Bromwich tweeted, “POTUS apparently gave up golf today to pursue his other pastime: undermining apolitical law enforcement. He reminds us at least daily that he sympathizes with oligarchs and corrupt politicians and opposes DOJ and FBI’s anti-corruption and counterintelligence efforts. Wonder why.”

Bromwich left his firm to take this case, and now, he is out of a job. Do we really think he wasn’t going to get some type of kickback? Well, as Judge Brett Kavanaugh started his testimony today, he just blew Dr. Ford’s claims away, along with excoriating the Democrats. He didn’t come to play. He has his game face on, and by what we can tell, Bromwich just lost a huge case. Thanks be to God.

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