Sheriff Clarke Blasts Anti-Trump Thugs, Exposing Their Tactics With 3 Words

Sheriff David Clarke recently had another one of his no-nonsense takes on the left’s insider plans to stop Trump from becoming president that Americans need to hear. The sheriff called out the anti-Trump thugs, exposing their tactics, and blasted ringleader Attorney General Loretta Lynch, who’s allowing them to get away with it. With just 3 words, Clarke exposed the truth that the left wants to ignore.

Things will be getting much worse as the election goes into full swing as the coming hot summer months will heat up the leftist thugs who have a big job to do, which is to beat up, scare, intimidate and shame Americans into voting for Hillary Clinton. However, they’re not going to get away with it unchecked. Sheriff Clarke called out these anti-Trump thugs for the intimidation tactics that they use in hopes of scaring conservative Americans out of voting for Donald Trump.

For those Americans who may not follow the political process closely, we are seeing really violent outbursts in our streets and people bleeding and chased down. That fear is exactly what the leftist thugs want people to feel. Sheriff Clarke knows this all too well, and he was on Sean Hannity’s show last night, informing Americans about the violent tactics, as well as Lynch’s role in allowing illegal alien thugs to attack peaceful Americans attending a rally.

“Well, this is premeditated organized violence and these are riot-makers that show up at these events. What the mayor said was obviously ridiculous. But, Sean, what I’m ticked off about right now is why Attorney General Loretta Lynch has not dispatched the FBI and dispatched lawyers from the Civil Rights Division to investigate and prosecute and identify people who are using the same type of tactics that were used in the Jim Crow south to frighten and intimidate blacks from participating in the voting process.” [via Gateway Pundit]

In the Jim Crow south Clarke refers to, when African-Americans were first given the right to vote, it was the Democrats who gathered white trash thugs to attack them and intimidate them to prevent them from voting. Not much has changed from back then, as again it’s the Democrats and those who own Hillary Clinton who are paying for these anti-Trump thugs we see today.

Americans need to pay no attention to these anti-Trump thugs and never give in to showing fear when you attend a Donald Trump rally. These illegal alien thugs with their Mexican flags and the Commies who are coming out beating people up are all just a show. They will disappear when Trump wins the presidency and their funders stop paying them to create the chaos we see now. We must stay the course and make sure other less informed Americans know to not be intimidated by a bunch of jobless idiots, who will crawl back under those rocks where they belong.

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