What Sheriff Joe Said About Hillary’s Pink Panties Has America Going WILD

Sheriff Joe Arpaio has always been a “shoot from the hip” kind of guy, which is why he’s got quite a bit of support. However, he was speaking at a Donald Trump rally recently when he decided to comment on Hillary Clinton’s pink panties – and what he said about them has America going absolutely wild.

Most people know of Arpaio’s blunt approach on everything, which is why he goes hand in hand with presidential hopeful Donald Trump. Rumors even once circulated that he was going to be Trump’s VP. However, he may even be more well-known for his unique methods on how he deals with inmates in his jails – like when he ordered all undocumented immigrants and sex offenders to wear pink underwear.

As it turns out, he most recently decided to combine these two sentiments at a Trump rally in Las Vegas, and the crowd of 8,000 went nuts. According to reports, Arpaio spoke on Hillary’s legal troubles, saying he’s got a pink pair of underwear with her name on them.


According to Breitbart:

He joked that he had invited Hillary Clinton to tour the border with him, but that she had not yet accepted. He would “even give her a free pair of pink underwear,” he said,” provoking roars of laughter. Arpaio once required inmates in the county to wear pink underwear, before the federal courts intervened and stopped the practice.

That visual is enough to send a chill down just about anyone’s spine – too bad you can’t stick a fork in your mind’s eye. Alright, now that you’ve regained your composure, it’s easy to see why the crowd went nuts.

Trump recently said that if he’s elected president, he’d investigate Hillary. It seems that the walls may finally be closing in on her. Although she once said that “no one is too big to jail,” I don’t think she actually ever believed it. With the screws tightening, little ol’ Hillary just may be starting to sweat – and heck, she may even earn herself a pair of Sheriff Joe’s pink panties.

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