Liberals Are Losing Their Minds Over What Sheriff Is Giving Teachers After School Shooting

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In the wake of the Florida school shooting, one no-nonsense sheriff has announced what he’s graciously offering to teachers for free — and it’s causing liberals to lose their minds.

Liberals Losing Their Minds Over What Sheriff Is Giving Teachers After School Shooting
In response to the recent Florida school shooting, Ohio Sheriff Richard K. Jones (left) made an offer to local teachers that has liberals up in arms. (Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube, Zach Gibson/Getty Images)

Each time there is a mass shooting, liberals shamelessly search out vulnerable pawns to exploit for their gun control narrative. Of course, their answer to law-breaking lunatics shooting up gun-free zones is to make even more gun-free zones and fill them with unarmed civilians while further limiting law-abiding gun owners who’d gladly defend them.

However, one such individual has been in law enforcement long enough to understand that disarming civilians only makes them more of a target. Fortunately, this man is determined to not only stop the cycle of mass shootings in his county’s public schools but also to give those who we trust enough to care for our children 8 hours a day the chance to protect them from murdering psychopaths.

After seeing his own grandchildren scared to attend their gun-free schools, Butler County Sheriff Richard K. Jones has decided that it’s time to take effective action that will actually protect our most precious citizens. On February 18, the Ohio sheriff tweeted that his department will be offering free concealed carry classes to teachers in his county, which will allow them to defend students from school shooters who can easily slaughter dozens before police are even able to get to the scene, according to Blue Lives Matter.

Within minutes of his announcement, Sheriff Jones had already filled all 50 slots with teachers willing to learn how to safely and effectively carry and use a firearm in order to defend their students from mass murderers.

“Being a grandpa, I determined that I’m going to do something. I’m not going to be like the other leaders in our country, fighting over weapons and what’s legal, what’s not. We’re going to actually do something.

“It’s a community involvement. We’re the eighth largest county in Ohio. We thought we’d offer 50 slots and within 20 minutes we had 100. Within an hour we had over 150. We’ll probably be over 500. These are teachers, and when people say teachers don’t want to be armed in school, that’s not true.”

“We’re going to do it for free. We’re going to teach the teachers. We’re going to give them a concealed carry permit when they’re done. In Ohio, you can carry a concealed carry in the schools if the schoolboard allows you to do that. We’re going to do the training. We’re starting the training next week. We’re going to have 50 to a class and we’re leading by example.”

Sheriff Jones then added that his office has received calls from across the country, asking for advice on organizing a similar offer in other counties. Unsurprisingly, Sheriff Jones announced that he had received hundreds of positive responses and requests for slots in the CC classes within hours of his announcement.

After being reminded of an incident in which an armed security officer wasn’t able to stop a mass shooting, Sheriff Jones reiterated that one armed individual is not enough. He insisted that several teachers need to be armed and trained, adding that students shouldn’t know who is carrying a concealed weapon and who isn’t.

“We’ve got to do something and I’m doing it here today,” Sheriff Jones told WLWT. “We’re going to teach them about school shootings, what to do when someone brings a gun to the schools. You at least know how to deal with a gun, how to identify the gun, how many rounds that gun can shoot, and what a bullet can do.”

“Most of these killings that take place in schools are usually over in three and a half minutes. The police get there in five,” he continued. “I think you’re stupid not to know about those things and not to know about those things and be in what we’re in right now in our culture in our country.

While liberals are trying to take guns away from public defenders who obey the law, Sheriff Jones is putting forth real change that will benefit our nation’s youths. Although these leftists feign outrage over teachers carrying a concealed weapon, they’ll certainly be thanking them for taking out a psychopath the moment they walk past a “gun-free zone” sign with an illegal firearm they obtained regardless of gun control restrictions.

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