Sheriff’s Office Teaches Special Class For Children, And Liberal Left Hates It

Johnson County Sheriff’s Office held a special class for kids this weekend in an attempt to educate the children on an important issue, but many are extremely unhappy about it. Classes for kids are nothing new for this sheriff’s department, as they’ve also held a bully prevention class, where kids learned how to recognize bullying and take steps to avoid it. However, it’s not the bully prevention class that’s getting the attention this time.

The class this weekend was on gun safety, and it was taught by members of the sheriff’s department. Over 50 children, registered by their parents, were set to attend the course. Carol Gometz had her three children attend the class.

“I’ve heard stories, really sad stories when little kids get a hold of guns and then there’s bad accidents and we don’t want that to happen to our kids, or our family or anybody’s,” said Gometz. However, the class isn’t getting all positive attention. Liberal Americans do not feel children should be taught how to be safe around a gun, as they obviously feel a ban is best.

Johnson County Deputy shows a boy how to safely handle a gun
An instructor shows a boy how to safely handle a gun

Sgt. Tyson Kilbey said that other agencies have looked to the department for guidance among a surge in desires to educate children on the safe handling of a gun. The course’s popularity isn’t waning, as parents look to the freedom of education to aid their children in learning gun safety young, instead of laws that have proven to amount to nothing more than scribbles on paper.

“We have had agencies from close by and I’ve even had people email me from places I’ve never even heard of asking ‘hey, I’ve heard about this. I want to do something like this. Can we talk to you?'” said Kilbey.

This isn’t the first agency to offer classes of this nature. Broward County Sheriff’s Department held similar classes back in 2014, much to the anger and disgust from anti-gun liberals all over the United States. It didn’t stop the department though.

There is still an understanding that education is more powerful than propaganda to a child. The classes are designed to create an open dialogue with children and their parents, who are also welcome to attend and create a comfortable environment for even those who don’t own guns.

As popularity and desires for children’s gun safety classes increase, more police departments across America will begin to offer classes. Should you be fortunate enough to have a class in your area, you would be advised to take advantage of it while you can, as the courses fill up quickly. Education devoid of propaganda is always a good thing, and children should know how to safely handle a gun should a situation arise and a parent is immediately unavailable.