Shooter’s Brother Is Caught Lying To Las Vegas PD, Goes On Crazy Rant To Defend Himself

Eric Paddock, the youngest brother of Stephen Paddock, knows much more about the Las Vegas shooting than he initially admitted. In fact, Eric Paddock has a history of criminal behavior himself, and police sources have confirmed that he is being watched closely as a possible accomplice. He was caught in several lies to the police and went “off the rails” in an interview, where he literally shocked reporters. You don’t want to miss this.

Eric Paddock (left & right) goes on crazy rant contradicting his previous statements; Photo of his deceased brother, Stephen Paddock, after the Las Vegas massacre (middle) (Photo Credit: Screengrab/YouTube, Crime Scene/LVPD, Screengrab/YouTube)

Eric Paddock emerged from his home in Orlando, Florida, in a heightened state of agitation on Tuesday. He had given several interviews previously, where he denied having any contact with his brother for quite some time and said he had only received one text from Stephen Paddock during the hurricanes that hit Florida.

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According to People Magazine, Eric Paddock said in his first interview that he was “not close” with his brother and knew nothing about his life really, except that he gambled. He said, “My kids didn’t know him that well or anything. He lives on the other coast. He sends his mom cookies.”

Eric went on, “He’s not an avid gun guy at all,” adding, “The fact that he had those kinds of weapons is just … where the hell did he get [them]?” Eric said his brother has no military background and no political or religious affiliations. “He’s just a guy who lived in a house in Mesquite and drove down and gambled in Las Vegas,” he said. “He did stuff … he ate burritos.”

Well, Eric’s whole tune changed after 24 hours when he went “off the rails,” as TMZ describes his rambling thirty-three-minute diatribe in front of multiple reporters outside his Orlando home. The younger Paddock just showed up and went “off,” sometimes crying, sometimes laughing, but one thing was clear, he contradicted himself, big time.

Eric Paddock set himself up, and now, he’s been caught in some troubling “inconsistencies,” a nice word for lies, that are pretty damning. Eric went on to talk at length about guns, his knowledge of guns, and said his brother “tried the bump stocks, and didn’t like them.” He goes on, “Ask them, I bet they were not attached to the guns he used.” How in the hell does he know that? 

He contradicted himself about his kids not knowing his brother too. Now, according to Eric Paddock, they would go out and visit him. He relayed that he and his son had been out to see his brother Steve about six months ago. CBS News reported,  “In one trip to Las Vegas with his son, Eric Paddock said his brother spent ‘thousands of dollars’ worth of sushi.”

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“Steve took care of the people he loved. He helped make me and my family wealthy. He’s the reason I was able to retire. This is the Steve we know, we knew. The people he loved and took care of,” Eric Paddock said most recently, according to CBS News. This is another odd remark that’s in stark contrast to what he said before about the brother he first claimed to know very little. Fox News investigative reporter Adam Housley confirmed on Sean Hannity’s show that something is “up with the brother.”

“Something isn’t right, I don’t know what it is, I don’t know if it’s connected to the girlfriend, I’m not going to speculate, but there is something really off here,” said Hannity to Housley, who went on to confirm he has spoken to four different investigators who are “connected to this case,” meaning they are part of or privy to police inside information, and he said, “they all have theories, nothing is off the table.”

Then Hannity said, “I talked to the shooter’s brother today, he said he has no idea…” That’s when Housley cut Hannity off, saying, “They [Las Vegas Police Department] have caught him in some misstatements.” Translation, police caught him lying. Eric Paddock’s story from the day after the shooting to 48 hours later had completely changed.

That’s because the police were investigating him and found out he was lying. This guy is in a lot of hot water right now, especially when he let it slip that his brother “had tried bump stocks and didn’t like them.” He went on to say, “Of course the police aren’t telling me anything in case I’m lying to them.” He knows he was caught in lies and is out to defend himself.

Las Vegas Sheriff Joe Lombardo implied there was an accomplice, saying, “You’ve got to make the assumption he had to have some help at some point. [With] another residence in Reno, with several firearms, okay, electronics… large amounts of ammo, a place in Mesquite. We know he had a girlfriend.” Yeah, and he has a brother who is acting really squirrely, too.

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Eric Paddock is scared; he has lied, and now, those lies are catching up to him. He knows what happened, and why it happened. Something is very amiss with this investigation, and we can only hope and pray that all those who were a part of this massacre in even the smallest of ways are brought to justice.

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