Ghetto Shoplifter Threatens To Shoot Store Employees, Gets Taught A Little Respect

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The world is full of cowards who talk tough and prey on the weak. It’s always satisfying to watch a low-life get his just desserts, which is what happened to one sticky-fingered punk who made the big mistake of biting off more than he could chew. After the ghetto shoplifter threatened to shoot store employees, he was taught a little respect — a lesson that he won’t soon forget.

Ghetto Shoplifter Threatens to Shoot Store Employees, Security Guard Teaches Him a Little Respect
Bernard Williams (left), who threatened to shoot workers after he was caught stealing from a Kroger, was given a painful lesson. (Photo Credit: Shelby County Jail System, Screengrab/Facebook/Darleesia Williams).

According to WREG, a man in a Memphis, Tennessee, Kroger grocery store was caught trying to shoplift. When the store personnel confronted him, the man threatened to shoot them. Before the thief knew what hit him, he was begging for his life as a security guard had him in an unbreakable choke hold.

Bernard Williams thought he could easily intimidate the workers at Kroger into giving him a free lunch. Maybe Williams is an ardent follower of Barack Obama and just wanted to “redistribute” the store’s food into his kitchen pantry.

Regardless, Williams showed utter contempt for his fellow human beings when he claimed that he would “shoot” an employee who tried to detain him. It turns out Williams didn’t actually have a gun on him. But, he ended up learning the hard way that you don’t play around when it comes to threats of violence.

A security guard called Williams’ bluff spectacularly, putting the thug into a choke hold that had him begging for mercy. Fortunately for us, a passerby caught the epic choke hold on video, which you can see below.

What are the procedures for when customers are caught stealing but there's no police on the scene? Only the "security officers"?? This is at the Kroger in Whitehaven.

Posted by Darleesia Williams on Saturday, September 2, 2017

Eventually, police arrived on the scene and dealt with the old coot. He admitted to stealing the items and promptly returned them.

As expected, Black Lives Matter types on social media quickly came to the thug’s defense, even though the video clearly shows that one of the Kroger security guards was a black woman, which means Williams would have shot a black woman if he really had a gun.

As seen on Facebook, some observers called for a boycott of Kroger. Others talked about feeling “hopeless” in the face of “racism.” One person wrote, “The cracker lied and said he threatened to shoot. He did not say that s***. Ugh white people disgust me.”

It seems they’d rather take the word of a red-handed thief over the honest employees, even when at least one of those employees was a fellow black person.

The good news is not everyone is a brainwashed idiot. Some pointed out the criminal nature of what Williams did, and one person hit back at the loony leftists for their hypocrisy, writing, “All these people defending the thief, let him steal from you and it would be a whole different story!”

The fact is Democrats thrive by imagining racism where there is none. Maxine Waters is the living embodiment of the race card. The California Congresswoman is a politician who has taken corruption to new heights but always deflects her guilt by accusing her detractors of racism.

Barack Obama enabled criminals like Bernard Williams. He added fuel to the fire in cases where black thugs who committed violent crimes were painted as martyrs when police gave them what they deserved. Obama has his hands stained with the blood of the 5 Dallas police officers slain by Obama’s Black Lives Matter henchmen.

Thankfully, we’re now living under the presidency of Donald Trump. Criminals will not be coddled. Idiots like Bernard Williams who find themselves on the wrong side of the law must now deal with the consequences of their actions.