WATCH: Shoplifter Caught At The Doors, Cops Floored By What She Left Behind

After a Walmart shoplifter was busted at the doors, things would quickly go from bad to worse. As the woman quickly left the store in a desperate attempt to get away, police would later be floored as they saw what the woman left behind in the cart she ditched.

The incident is believed to have taken place at a Florida Walmart (given the state flag hanging on the wall). Police responded to a theft, but things would only get worse after they caught the female shoplifter trying to leave the store.

All caught on video, it seems that the woman left something very important behind, and police would later be floored by what they’d soon find inside her cart. In what appears to be a desperate attempt to get away, the woman was found to have left her infant in the cart inside the store.

Captured by a customer of the retail giant, the clip depicts both the baby inside the cart, which was still inside the store, along with the mother being stopped outside as she was making her way to the parking lot. With police right around the corner, the shoplifting woman didn’t exactly have anywhere to go and was forced to come back inside the store.

Mom Busted Shoplifting, Leaves Baby In Attempt To Flee
(Photo Source: YouTube)

Although she’d later try to talk her way out of the situation, things didn’t exactly go according to plan. She could be heard saying that she wasn’t stealing as she had all her receipts, but her tune quickly changed as she went on to explain that she had the money to pay for everything. Before long, police had enough of the baby-abandoning shoplifter and slapped her into a pair of handcuffs before escorting her to the back seat of a police cruiser.

According to the video, the father of the child was contacted to come pick the infant up. It really speaks volumes about a person who would abandon their own child just to avoid the consequences of their voluntary illicit actions. This is what bad parenting looks like, and it certainly isn’t pretty.