Another SICK Liberal Attacks Barron Trump & Gets Most BRUTAL Karma Yet

Another SICK Attack On Barron Trump BACKFIRES On Liberal Journalist
Ashley Csanady (left), Barron Trump (center and right)

One woman’s recent, disgusting attack on Barron Trump is worse than Rosie O’Donnell’s autism smear and far more repulsive than the “homeschool shooter” joke. However, when this cowardly female journalist published the joke, she had no idea what karma and the Twitter Universe had in store for her.

Ashley Csanady, a Canadian writer for the National Post, infuriated many with yet another attack on 10-year-old Barron Trump on her Twitter account.

The tweet has been deleted, but not before it was captured in a screenshot, seen below:

People of all political persuasions are growing tired of these kinds of attacks against an innocent child and the backlash reflects it.

At first, we thought that Ashley was sorry about her mistake (apology below,) but now she is posting things like this:

This is Ashley’s original apology, though now it seems that it was insincere:

Truthfeed said it best: “We are not buying the apology. This is a grown woman and it’s not a confusing question as to whether you attack a 10-year-old child thrust into the spotlight – you simply do not do it.

Twitter has been on fire with people who are disgusted with Ashley. She could likely stop the bleeding by simply maintaining an apologetic stance and being nice, but that does not appear to be her plan.

Perhaps the most brutal backlash that Ashely has received came from Twitter user DarrellGop, who even used hashtags like #CrazyFatCatLady and #ForeverAlone!

Yes, he went there. He called her fat, ridiculed her for not having children, and implied that a woman of her countenance would be alone, forever. Ouch!

Once Pandora’s box was open, the angry responses continued.

While this is clearly a case of karma coming back to bite a person, we hope that, eventually, cooler heads will prevail and everyone can start trying to focus on improving things. Ashley attacked an innocent child, and that was wrong, but if she could just change her tune a bit, this whole thing would die down.

Unfortunately, the liberal mentality is driven by bitterness, envy, and greed, and exchanges like these are a natural expression of it. It is likely that Trump will “Make America Great Again,” and even liberals will be able to ride the wave if they will only open their eyes a bit.

It could happen…