GRAPHIC VIDEO: Man Gets Sick Prison Justice After Raping Little Child

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GRAPHIC: Man Gets Sick Prison Justice After Raping Little Child [18+ ONLY]
Valdair Leonel (Source: Live Leak)
Although a 51-year-old man thought he could get away with raping a little child, things didn’t exactly turn out as expected. In fact, after being dropped off at a local jail, the disgusting rapist would suffer sick prison justice at the hands of his cell mates – and every gory second was caught on camera.

On January 11th, police arrested Valdair Leonel after he violated a protection order that he had against him from a woman who he previously assaulted. He was quickly taken to the Prison of Catalan in the state of Goiás in Brazil – but things would get much worse for the man.

Thrown in a cell with 14 other inmates, it wasn’t long before they’d learned the man’s dirty little secret that he’d kept quiet for good reason. As it turns out, Leonel had previously raped a young child – only 9-years-old – which his cellmates weren’t too happy about.

In fact, it didn’t take but a few moments for the other prisoners to fashion a noose out of a bed sheet and wrap it around the man’s neck. Somehow, someone was able to record to the horrific ordeal but didn’t quite catch everything. However, what was captured is gruesome.

WARNING: Extremely Graphic Footage Below (If video is taken down, click here to watch)

As the foreign news source G1 Globo reports, Leonel was first raped by his cell mates before confessing to and answering for his crimes. After letting the man know what it was like to play the victim, the other inmates then hung him as he pleaded for his life, but the convicts simply watched as he took his last breaths.

Just like that, the world was rid of another child rapist, and there aren’t too many people losing any sleep over it. Emergency first responders did quickly respond to the scene but were unable to resuscitate Leonel because too much time had passed.

GRAPHIC: Man Gets Sick Prison Justice After Raping Little Child [18+ ONLY]
Valdair Leonel (Source: Live Leak)
Although police are currently trying to find out who exactly was responsible for the idea, they have yet to narrow down the suspects from the other 14 inmates in the cell at the time. The justice system is flawed in a few ways, but it’s nice to see when it does get things right – even if on accident.

Everyone deserves their day in court, but sometimes – like with the really nasty cases like this – it’s hard not to wish that this would take place every single time. Fortunately for anyone who would have found themselves in Leonel’s path in the future, this subhuman piece of garbage won’t be hurting anyone ever again.