‘Controversial’ Signs Send LGBT Supporters Bawling & Showing Their ‘Tolerance’

The nationwide debate over gender and access to restrooms has the LGBT community up in arms. As they protest and scream about “tolerance” and “acceptance,” all it took was one display of free speech and three simple, yet “controversial” signs to send them bawling and begging for a safe place before showing how truly “tolerant” they are.

University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) is the most recent battlefield for “hate” and “bigotry.” LGBT students lost their minds on Wednesday and decided to hold their own signs of support to counter what they’re calling intolerance, ABC7 reports. They posted a sign saying, “Bathrooms are a RIGHT not a privilege,” on social media in response to a picture posted by three Bruin Republican Club board members on Facebook.

So, what did the signs say that sparked such a reaction? According to the news source, the three Bruin Republican Club board members independently attended an event at University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) and held three posters that said, “Get your agenda out of our restroom!,” “There are only two genders!” and “Transgenderism is a mental disorder!” That was all it took for the LGBT students to literally begin crying foul.


According to Raja Bhattar, director of the UCLA LGBT Resource Center, the posters and social media posts have distressed LGBT students at UCLA, as he explained, “It’s been from students crying to students feeling like they’re not safe on campus with people sharing these types of perspectives and negating their existence.”

I’d love to ask these brats, how does it feel? They scoffed when others expressed fear of the opposite sex having free rein to their public bathrooms. They ignored the multiple crime stories, where their beloved bathroom policy allowed perpetrators access to innocent victims. They showed no care or concern for female victims of sexual violence, who explained that seeing a penis while in the vulnerability of a locker room would cause them distress. Yet, they feel unsafe over 3 signs, which do nothing more than state the truth. You’d think college students would be able to handle facts without dissolving to tears, but I guess the truth hurts.

While Alex Rhim, the President Elect of Bruin Republicans, doesn’t personally like the signs, he at least understands that the students’ actions are protected by freedom of speech. “I disagree with them adamantly, it’s very much against my ideology and I see no merits to that side of the argument, but again they’re just expressing what they believe and that’s something that we support,” Rhim said, as he pandered to the bawl babies. Of course, he’s going to take their side as much as he can. As we’ve learned in liberal America, if you stand against the left, you need to be ready to lose any position you hold.

Ironically, the same imbeciles who are crying about feeling unsafe have launched personal attacks, going as far as to take aim with all members of  the Bruin Republican Club, including those who were not involved in the incident and actually had a difference of opinion than the three members who displayed the signs. According to Louder With Crowder, one of the girls pictured received a disturbing message, which read, “You’re a f***ing piece of s***. I hope I find you so I can bash your face in myself. Disgusting piece of s*** spreading hate online. I hope you die c***.” Identified as Nista, she further explained, “The response we have received from people, mostly on the left, has been stigmatizing mental disorders, horrific death threats, calling us names, curse words – all for us standing with our opinions.”

Overly dramatic transgender supporters protest being killed, although it's their side of the debate making death threats.
Overly dramatic transgender supporters protest being killed, although it’s their side of the debate making death threats.

“At UCLA, we respect everyone’s right to free speech and encourage open dialogue on all issues; however, hurtful language that seeks to belittle or trivialize any group is not reflective of UCLA’s values and our ongoing work to be a welcoming and fully inclusive environment for all,” Dean of Students Maria Blandizzi said in a statement.

Apparently, he doesn’t understand the concept of free speech very well. Polite language doesn’t need protected. It’s the truth, which hurts the liberal left’s sensitivities, that does. However, what’s not protected are death threats, and those are coming from the whiney special interest group that he’s defending. Furthermore, his statement “inclusive environment for all” should have been followed with “who agree.”

“We want to show love, we want to start with love and not with hate,” Bhattar said. A dissenting opinion does not equal hate, nor does agreement equal love. I’d challenge anyone who believes that it does to consider what they might do if someone they love were intoxicated, but insisted they were sober enough to drive. Is it loving to agree and hand them the keys? Is it hateful to take the keys away?

This entire situation shows the lack of logic being used on the left side of this debate. Their entire argument hinges on feelings and emotion, facts be damned. We are literally up against lunatics who have a mental disorder. We are not bigots, we are not hateful, we are not even anti-transgender. What we are is pro-common-sense, but it’s no wonder the opposition can’t understand this simple concept, because when it comes to common sense, they have none.

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