Grammy Singer Releases Anti-Trump Video With Sick ‘Pink Pants’, Gets Nasty Surprise

If you thought the pink “p*ssy hats” were taking it too far, that’s nothing compared to Grammy-nominated singer Janelle Monae’s new video, which features “p*ssy pants.” The anti-Trump song “Pynk” is described by her promoters as a “brash celebration of creation, self-love, and sexuality,” while the truth is it’s so disgusting with its sick references to President Donald Trump that patriots just gave the singer a nasty surprise.

Janelle Monae in her new video “Pynk” wearing “p*ssy pants” (left), Pro-life activists (right) (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screengrab, Ricky Carioti/The Washington Post via Getty Images)

Singer Janelle Monáe debuted the music video for her latest feminism-heavy single “PYNK,” in which the Grammy-nominated star dons a pair of pants that resemble female genitalia.

In the politically charged music video, Monáe sings, “Pink like the inside of your…,” (yes, that) and, “Pink when you’re blushing inside, baby,” as she stands in a desert with a group of background dancers, wearing pants that resemble a woman’s vagina.

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This is where the disgraceful Women’s March movement is leading girls and young women. The video should be rated X, as in pornography. One image in the music video shows actress Tessa Thompson in between Monáe’s legs as she stands in the desert alone, wearing the genitalia-inspired pants.

“Pynk” video (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screengrabs)

The majority of the lyrics are pornographic, so we will spare you, but what really shocked patriots was the references to President Donald Trump. Why is it that everything the immoral Hollywood crowd creates must include Trump-bashing? Chalk it up to Trump Derangement Syndrome.

The video features a woman wearing a pair of white underwear with the words “I grab back” captioned across the crotch, a reference to President Trump’s infamous Access Hollywood tape. You’d think these losers would go after those in their own industry, real monsters like Harvey Weinstein, but no, that isn’t the point of this debauched video. This is anti-Trump craziness at its worst.

Pynk video (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screengrab)

The Hollywood Reporter wrote, “The rest of the video features similarly creative sexual innuendos, including pink sand poured onto an oyster, an ice cube on half of a grapefruit, a finger in a doughnut hole and a pink baseball bat dropped down from between a man’s legs.”

They add, “In a bedroom scene, Monáe wears some tighty whities with the bold pink words ‘sex cells’ — how meta in a video about sex! — while her lady bush peeks out from behind the underwear. Another close-up reveals a pair of white underwear reading, ‘I grab back.’ (Because what’s a 2018 music video without a Donald Trump reference?)”

Yeah, this isn’t edgy or provocative, it’s just gross. This isn’t empowering women, this is evil. No parent in their right mind would want their daughter to watch this garbage. That’s why patriots weighed in, making sure Janelle Monáe and her promoters know that not all Americans are fooled by her “woman power” video.

Jake Lee sarcastically tweeted, “Very ‘Classy’…It’s what every girl 16 and under should not only be singing but also be looking up to and idolizing….”

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Bene Armavit tweeted, “More like exposes her easily led, cult behavior. Contributing to the decline of society by being ridiculous, graphic and promiscuous, that always works out well #lowestdenominator.”

“Do these morons not realize how idiotic they look? Holy sh*t… Yeah… This is how you get people to take your cause seriously… Parade around in p*ssy pants… In a ‘rap’ song. What dolts,” tweeted “_ill_be_damned_.”

Meanwhile, the super left media outlet Vox reports, “Judging by the music videos, Janelle Monáe’s new album Dirty Computer isn’t exactly going for subtle — and wow, we are blessed. After releasing dueling videos in late February for the Prince-esque jam ‘Make Me Feel’ and the take-no-sh*t rap ‘Django Jane,’ Monáe released a third video on Tuesday for ‘Pynk,’ which takes some of the subtext of those first two videos and releases it into the desert for a joyous coming-out party.”

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How much you want to bet this porno video wins a Grammy in 2019? To say “we are blessed” by something so despicable proves that liberalism is a mental disorder. If anyone wants to know what patriots are fighting for, all you need to do is show them where our culture is at in America, and this sick perversion is a prime example.

This video is up on YouTube with no restrictions, trending at #2, and not censored in any way. But, conservative voices are censored every day on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. Something just doesn’t add up; we are in a battle for the soul of this country, make no mistake about that.

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