One Week After Slandering Trump, CNN Learns DEVASTATING Consequence

CNN, which has been dubbed “Fake News” by President-elect Donald Trump, has just received some absolutely devastating news, and it has American Trump supporters everywhere cheering. It is about time that this liberal progressive megaphone network got a visit from karma, and we couldn’t be more excited to share the delicious details.

CNN has been in the middle of one ugly controversy after another in recent weeks, and as a result, their credibility has gone down the drain. Most notably, CNN’s Jim Acosta embarrassed the network with his unbelievably tacky behavior at Trump’s last press conference. The sheer rudeness and disregard Acosta demonstrated was the last straw. Now, this “Fake News” network gets to pay the price.

According to a report by Red State Watcher, CNN has just been notified that their press pass for the long awaited “Deploraball” has been denied. The official notification was released on Twitter yesterday morning in a statement which makes it clear that CNN was “irresponsible” in their reporting.

This epic move by the staff organizing the highly publicized Deploraball is ringing out like a shot heard around the world. The list of CNN’s dishonest and irresponsible reporting is endless.

Former Democratic Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton (left), President-elect Donald Trump (right)

During the 2016 Presidential Election, one of CNN’s political commentators and former DNC Chair, Donna Brazile, was caught giving Democratic Presidential Nominee Hillary Clinton the debate questions in advance of her showdown with Trump. Although CNN President Jeff Zucker came out publicly against Brazile for her behavior, the likelihood that this wasn’t a coordinated event is slim to none.

The circus just seems to continue with CNN’s recent decision to run a fake news story about Russian prostitutes, put together and perpetuated by Washington elites who hate Trump. According to Breitbart, Arizona Senator John McCain played a significant role in the perpetuation of the false story. CNN was only too happy to accommodate the Washington elite in their final attempt to discredit Trump before the inauguration.

It is very telling that the Washington elites picked CNN to distribute the unfounded dossier, which they hoped would damage our President-elect. The crystal clear truth here is that CNN has nothing left to lose; their credibility is shot, and that is why they were chosen to participate in this last futile attempt on Donald Trump.

Now, if CNN wants to know how amazing the Deploraball was, they can read about on the news.

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