Slave Girls Get Perfect Revenge On Rich Muslim Princess Who Tortured Them

After suffering years of torture (right photo for illustrative purposes), the 20 slaves of UAE Sheikha Hamda al-Nahyan (left) and her daughters finally got revenge. (Photo source: BBC, Rawa News)

A wealthy Middle Eastern princess and her 7 daughters decided to take their personal slaves on vacation with them, brutally abusing and torturing them in the privacy of a luxury hotel. However, as soon as the royal slave masters fell asleep, the slave girls decided to finally exact revenge on their abusers.

When jihadists commit inhumane acts in the name of Allah, the world’s so-called moderate Muslims proclaim that they’re just extremists who misinterpret the Quran. Apparently, the Quran is so easily interpreted to mean violence and oppression that even the Islamic prophet Muhammad himself must’ve misunderstood its scriptures while quoting them during his bloodthirsty conquests. Unfortunately, even the most esteemed, progressive Muslim royalty comprehends that Islam doesn’t mean peace but the subjugation of all others to its brutal compulsions.

When United Arab Emirates Princess Sheikha Hamda al-Nahyan and her 7 daughters, who are closely related to the UAE president, left for Belgium in 2008, they couldn’t possibly make such a tiresome trip without bringing 20 of their personal servants. Unlike royal families in the West, these servant girls weren’t ever allowed to leave their position and were routinely beaten, starved, and tortured by their privileged Muslim masters.

After 8 months of inconceivable mental and physical abuse, the slave women were willing to risk their lives for their most basic human right — freedom. Waiting until the princesses had fallen asleep, one of the slaves managed a daring escape, miraculously notifying the Belgian authorities, according to the BBC. After years of torture, the girls were finally discovered by Western officials and freed from their royal Muslim abusers.

Despite being allowed to keep the “servants” in their home country, al-Nahyan and her daughters were arrested and charged with at least 20 counts of both human trafficking and abuse in Belgian.

According to Dutch Welle, al-Nahyan and her equally abusive daughters kept their slaves locked away in a Conrad Hotel luxury suite in Brussels for nearly a year. The women worked for 24 hours each day, waiting on the royal family without pay. During this time, the Muslim women withheld food from them, feeding them only scraps from meals they couldn’t finish themselves. The family also denied the women visas, which is how Muslims commonly enslave immigrants who travel to their country for work as maids.

“The servants were not paid, they worked day and night and had to sleep on the floor. The princesses shouted at them and abused them continually,” says Patricia LeCocq, spokesperson for the Belgian human rights organization Myria.

Sadly, it took 9 years for the trial to even begin. Considering that the al-Nahyans are one of the most wealthy and powerful families in the UAE, even the prosecutor doesn’t believe that the princesses will receive the proper punishment, which includes 2 years in prison per charge or hefty fines. Hopefully, however, the Belgian court will force the family to pay compensation to all 20 slaves, which could include lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Although there was at least some coverage in the mainstream media of this royal family’s horrendous human rights violations, don’t expect them to ever say it has anything to do with Islam or Muslim history.

Of course, slavery and Islam are intrinsically intertwined. In fact, the Islamic prophet Muhammad bought, sold, and traded slaves of every color. While the black Africans he owned were mainly used for labor and servitude, only the prettiest young girls were his personal sex slaves.

After slaughtering their peaceful Jewish families, Muhammad ordered his men to bring him Rayhana and Safiyyah, 2 beautiful Jewish girls. Just after butchering the girls’ relatives, he raped them and quoted Quran 4:24 to his men in order to show that these inhumanities were justified in Islam.

Although his sex slaves were likely his favorite servants, the prophet boasted an extensive collection of black slaves, who he often racially abused. When describing Satan to his followers, the racist Muhammad pointed to his African slave, Nabtal, mocking the color of his skin. At another time, Muhammad proved that Allah believes Africans are subhuman to Arabs by trading 2 of his black slaves to buy one Arab.

There is no denying that slavery is allowed in Islam. If the prophet, who was the only man charged with interpreting and modeling the Quran, enslaved until his death, none can call it “un-Islamic.” Only because this represents true Islam are even the most privileged and progressive Muslims around the world still perpetrating it without guilt. Islam means “submission” not just for Muslims to Allah but for the world to Islam.

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