Small Girl Standing On Corner, Man Floored When He Sees What She’s Holding

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Small Girl Standing On Corner, Man Floored When He Sees What She's Holding
Brooklyn Andracke standing on corner

A little girl in Illinois was seen standing on a street corner when a man rolled up and saw her there. He hit the brakes as soon as he saw her, specifically when he noticed what she was holding, leaving him in tears.

Garbage truck driver Delvar Dopson was on his regular Thursday route, but this morning was different than the others. Three-year-old Brooklyn Andracke was standing on the corner with a laser-focused look on her face, as he could tell she had been out there waiting for a while. When he got near her, he hopped out of his truck and found out that it was her birthday that day.

According to Mashable, Brooklyn only wanted one thing for her birthday, which was to see her favorite person. Every Thursday is trash day in her neighborhood, and as such, it’s the day she looks forward to the most, never missing a chance to wave wildly at Delvar, who is always as excited to see her as she is him. However, on her birthday, she had something special she wanted to give him, that this sanitation worker won’t ever forget.

Knowing that her “favorite, awesome, smiley garbage man,” as she calls him, was coming, Brooklyn wrapped up one of her birthday cupcakes to present him with the sweet gift upon his arrival. As soon as the man turned the corner, the little girl could hardly contain herself at the excitement of being able to present him with the treat. Delvar was overcome with love for this little girl, who makes his day as much as her mom says he makes Brooklyn’s.

Small Girl Standing On Corner, Man Floored When He Sees What She's Holding
Delvar Dopson with little Brooklyn

“He explained that he looks forward to seeing us every Thursday as well,” Brooklyn’s mom wrote in a post about her daughter’s endearing friendship. “He said that he has a meeting every Thursday morning and always tries to get out of there in a hurry so that he can make sure to see us every week.”

The moment this little girl had been waiting for, rendered her speechless as her friend was there talking to her. The girl’s mom became concerned and asked if she was okay, for which she responded, “I’m so happy,” as to why she was unable to speak.

Brooklyn didn’t see race or judge him for his occupation, all she saw was his huge smile that made her happy. Her mother never taught her he was any different from them for any reason, she just saw him for the happy man he is, who is doing a job many wouldn’t want to do and with an awesome attitude of gratitude for the work while he’s at it.

Their friendship is proof that when you strip away the judgement, assumptions, and preconceived notions of other people, you see them for who they really are and allow for a beautiful friendship.

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