[WATCH] Man Catches Snake With Two Lumps, Squeezes Out Some NASTINESS

After discovering that he’d recently lost something, a man went out looking for the thief that took it. When he caught up to the snake and saw it slithering along with two massive lumps, he put into action a plan that would take quite the nasty turn as he sought to get back his possessions.

The footage was captured in Kerala, South India, after a farmer in a nearby village had learned that a snake stole from him. Being that livestock was his trade and the only source of income, he decided to take back the goats that the 6 foot python had stolen from him.


After finally catching up with it, the farmer dragged the snake onto the road and tried to retrieve his animals. With the snake slow and cumbersome after quite the large feast, the man made light work of the beast and began applying pressure to the two lumps.

Although it was already too late, he’s slowly able to work the mounds closer to the mouth of the python. Before long, the legs emerged along with the rest of what appears to be a goat. With one out, the farmer did the same thing in order to retrieve the second.

Farmer Tracks Down Snake, Squeezes Out Two Of His Goats

Unfortunately, despite the fact that the farmer was able to free the animals, they were already dead. There is no word on what happened to the snake.

Oddly enough, snakes such as these have been known to eat just about anything from livestock to family pets and, on occasion, even another snake. A snake cannibalizing on another is usually a death sentence for themselves.

Farmer Tracks Down Snake, Squeezes Out Two Of His Goats

Either way, this farmer was ultimately able to get back what was stolen from him, but it didn’t really do him any good. Unless, that is, he eats the goats that were consumed by the snake. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I could bring myself to eat something that had already once been eaten and was already partially digested.

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