SNL Just Did Something So AWFUL To Kellyanne Even Liberals Are APPALLED

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Saturday Night Live’s most recent skit depicting Kellyanne Conway has caused massive outrage, even from the left.

Saturday Night Live sank to a new low this weekend with their skit about President Donald Trump’s senior adviser Kellyanne Conway. In fact, the four-minute clip was so terribly vile that even liberals have come out of the woodwork to say how appalled they are with it.

In a poorly-executed “Fatal Attraction” parody, comedic actress Kate McKinnon played Conway as a tragically desperate Washington insider who will do anything — literally anything — to get her fifteen minutes on the news. The cringe-worthy skit sees McKinnon trying to seduce an actor playing Jake Tapper before physically threatening him with a kitchen knife and eventually falling out of his apartment’s open window, at which point she appears to have died, only to demonically come back to life.

If it all sounds overwhelmingly pathetic, that’s because it is. You can view the hard-to-watch clip below:

This sad attempt to create something funny by SNL proved to be the last straw for many liberals, who took to Twitter to air their grievances.

These tweets from members of the leftist media are on point, but perhaps conservative commentator Ben Shapiro put it best:

Maybe not the offensive part, other than offensively bad. But he touches on another point in that Will Ferrel’s once hilarious “Funny or Die” has simply become a propaganda mouthpiece for today’s leftist establishment. Which is a congruent theme with today’s general state of comedy. It’s sad to see what it’s become.

Look, we get it leftists. You don’t have much left to live for. You’ve been wrong about everything and you’ve lost every single political battle you’ve waged in the last two years. You can only find solace in celebrities and comedians confirming your worldview. Some of you even criticized McKinnon for not playing KellyAnne evil enough. Well, ask and ye shall receive.

How’s it feel? [Source: Louder With Crowder]

Honestly, Kate McKinnon is a very good actress — probably the best SNL has at the moment — so it’s hard to see her degrade herself with this filth.

Kellyanne Conway is the first women to ever manage a winning presidential campaign; she is a legend in the realm of female accomplishments and politics. If she were a Democrat, the left certainly wouldn’t be turning her into a sex-crazed murderer for the sake of a few chuckles on late night television.

This is a great reason to stop watching Saturday Night Live for good. What was once the ultimate staple of American comedy has regressed into nothing more than a yawn-inducing echo chamber of liberal propaganda.

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