Snoop Dogg Threatens Trump Assassination, IMMEDIATELY Blows Up In His Face

Snoop Dogg Threatens Trump Assassination, IMMEDIATELY Blows Up In His Face
Snoop Dogg (left), Donald Trump (right)

Liberal celebrities seem relentless in their attacks against President Donald Trump, but famed rapper Snoop Dogg just took things to a new level. Unfortunately for him, things took a nasty turn after he made a public threat pertaining to assassination – and that’s about the time that things spectacularly blew up in his face.

The left claims that there is no shortage of hate these days, and they’re absolutely right, except they’re the biggest offenders. For some reason, most of the sick comments and violent vitriol comes from their own ranks, with Hollywood celebrities leading the disturbing movement.

Although Snoop Dogg has long been in opposition of Trump, he’s most recently graduated from mere hate to criminal threats. According to reports, the rapper made a music video that depicts him assassinating the president:

In the video for “BadBadNotGood,” Snoop Dogg holds a pistol near “Trump’s” head and pulls the trigger.

The clown, named “Ronald Klump,” with cartoonishly orange skin and blond hair smokes joints with the rapper and his posse in the video.

In the scene depicting the assassination, the rapper points the gun and pulls the trigger as a “bang” flag discharges from the barrel.

WARNING: Obscene language.

Since being posted yesterday, the clip has already been watched over half a million times with that number on the rise. Of course, it will continue in that fashion as controversy swirls around the clip’s content — and rightfully so.

Unfortunately for Snoop Dogg, his comedic attempt could actually cost him big time as it blew up in his face on the day the video was posted. As one would imagine, the sickening ordeal has caused many to call for Secret Service to launch an investigation into the celebrity for making a dangerous veiled threat of deadly violence against Trump and even promoting and encouraging his assassination.

Snoop Dogg Threatens Trump Assassination, IMMEDIATELY Blows Up In His Face
(Source: YouTube)

Although we have yet to hear from law enforcement officials just yet, it’s probably safe to assume that Dogg’s already on the radar of authorities across the nation. The left is dissolving into a reckless class of incompetent losers who do nothing more than try to destroy that which they don’t agree with.

Unfortunately for them, things are only going to get worse as they continue with stunts like these as they often end with people in trouble or in jail – and rightfully so. Maybe with a few more punks leading the pack – like Snoop Dogg here – behind bars, the rest will learn that illegal actions have consequences.

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