When 4-Year-Old Interrupts Soccer Game, Muslim Inflicts Gruesome Punishment

A group of Muslim migrants had started a soccer game, when a toddler attempted to join in the recreation. However, one player didn’t take too kindly to the interruption, so he decided to teach the little boy a lesson he’d never forget.

A toddler was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries after a Muslim migrant became enraged with the boy for interrupting a soccer game at a refugee center in Suhl, Germany on Thursday, Breitbart reports.

The child had entered the gymnasium in which the game was taking place, looking for his older brothers. Excited by the festivities, the 4-year-old ran onto the make-shift field and kicked the soccer ball, which prompted a migrant to attack the helpless child.

The migrant took the game ball and began beating the child “several times in the face” with it until a supervisor intervened, according to Focus.de.

However, the furious migrant wasn’t finished inflicting his wrath. He tracked down the boy after the game, picked up a large rock, and proceeded to stone the boy. Had it not been for an asylum worker stepping in, the boy might have been beaten to death.

The boy is being treated at a local hospital, and is said to be suffering from swelling and “massive bruising.”

The migrant remains unidentified, which is no surprise since the progressive movement seeks to hide any threat to their agenda.

Refugee centers are a hotbed for injury, rape, and pedophilia, and their leftist volunteer workers are quick to cover up these serious crimes.

Mad World News previously reported on a 3-year-old girl who was grabbed in a Swedish refugee center, taken to a secluded area, and raped by a Muslim refugee. Her mother immediately phoned police, but when officials showed up to question leftist asylum workers, they refused to cooperate.

The Swedish Migration Board attempted to conceal the rape and the rapist’s identity. They moved the pedophile to another building, but were ultimately unable to thwart his arrest.

According to another report, leftists tried to convince a rape victim to stay silent in order to refrain from further tarnishing their open borders policy. For over a month, a 30-year-old woman hid her gang-rape by Muslim migrants after fellow left-wing activists told her the truth could damage their Utopian dream.

The leftist dream is turning European countries like Sweden into rape capitals of the world. Their agenda to incorporate “multiculturalism,” however, only works when the migrating cultures respect other cultures.

Islamists see these open borders as an opportunity to infiltrate, subjugate, and over-populate. With their aggressive behavior, high birth rate, and undying zeal to incorporate Sharia law, the West is in danger of falling to stealth jihad now more than ever.

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