Cops & Criminals

Cop Sees Something Familiar On Homeless Man, Then Realizes What He Has

A homeless man, huddled on a sidewalk in the heart of Phoenix, wasn’t hurting anyone, but he was apparently a bother to people coming and going from a gas station. When police arrived to address the situation, one officer sensed something familiar about the man. Upon closer inspection, the officer realized what he had and dropped to his knees in front of stunned onlookers. […]

Social Issues

Cop Captured On Court Surveillance… Vid Goes Viral After How He Handled Girl

It’s probably safe to say that one Utah officer wasn’t considering the surveillance cameras in the waiting area outside the courtroom or the fact that he could become the focus of a lot of social media attention if the video got out when he decided to take on an unruly toddler. However, once the video hit Facebook, it quickly started going viral as viewers got a good look at how he handled the little girl. […]