Social Justice Blog Tells People What They Can’t Say, Patriots Give Rude Awakening

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Free speech continually gets attacked by left-wing news outlets and websites. They’ve decided what is acceptable speech. But when one social justice blog ordered people not to comment on a music video, they got a tough lesson about freedom. ordered people not to parody a new music video. (Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube/Jack Bugée/Twitter)

Since the Barack Obama era, liberals have gotten pretty high and mighty. They think that they are the judges and juries of our culture. It’s not a huge shock. They control traditional media. Hollywood, TV networks, and mainstream news are predominately liberal. But there’s one platform they’ve always struggled to control: the Internet.

But that’s not for lack of trying. The overlords in Silicon Valley wage war on social media. They ban conservatives for speaking their views. Liberal users get plenty of free passes. But if you’re a Donald Trump supporter, you better watch your step! That’s also true for anything that left-wing commies don’t like, especially free expression. is one of many liberal online publications. Since Trump’s election, they’ve been working overtime to ensure that tragedy never happens again. They are fighting a war for your mind. Naturally, that means they have to control everything people say online. Because God forbid, someone somewhere says something Vice disagrees with!

Recently, they published an article called “For the Love of God, Don’t Meme Childish Gambino’s ‘This Is America’ Music Video.” The rapper recently released a provocative (and controversial) new video. Like all things that hit the Internet, many people are discussing it. However, the liberals at Vice have decided — because this video deals with black people — it’s off limits to criticism.

They even went as far as to write, “We shouldn’t have to tell you not to make ‘This is America’ memes.” Oh really, Vice? I had no idea your website had such authority over what people can or cannot say in America.

For those who don’t know, memes are visual jokes. They take existing material, like clips from a music video, and turn them into sometimes funny, sometimes annoying, sentiments. Like every other creative work released online, Childish Gambino’s video was rife with meme opportunities, but Vice decided that we should not be allowed to make fun of this piece.

But what of his latest, the new Hiro Murai–directed video for “This Is America,” which the Atlantic has already hailed as, “extending a tradition spanning ‘The Revolution Will Not Be Televised’ to Get Out,” and which the New Yorker acknowledged as, “a powerful portrait of black-American existentialism”? Surely, given the video’s serious tone and capital “I” Importance, it would be spared, right? Wrong. [Source: Vice]

Oh, what a crime, to express your opinion about a music video! Wasn’t that the whole point of “This is America”? It was meant to provoke thought and conversation. Like any work of art, it deserves to be criticized. If people online want to make memes, so be it. They have that freedom.

But liberal outlets like Vice don’t want you to have freedom. They want to decide what you can say about certain subjects. Because the music video discusses issues faced by black Americans, the liberal website decided it should be spared comedic parody.

Guess what? The Internet didn’t obey.

Vice begged Twitter not to meme the new Childish Gambino video, “This is America”:

The result? Memes. Lots and lots of memes. [Source: Twitchy]

Those are just the tip of the iceberg. It’s amazing to think that Vice — a group that works solely online — didn’t realize what would happen. You tell people what they cannot do and they will immediately do it. It’s really quite remarkable that Vice thought they could police what people said online.

While this is a victory for free speech, don’t be fooled. Vice and the rest of the left-wing media will continue their crusade of censorship. In fact, they will use episodes like this to prove they are right. When people openly express their freedom, there is bound to be a few extremists. The left will point to those rare individuals as proof that we need to clamp down on free expression.

More articles will be written scolding free thinkers. The left will exert more pressure on people who speak out against them. Already, their thugs from Antifa attack free speech rallies. Left-wing college students crash conservative talks, shouting down the guest speakers. Liberals are terrified of our views and opinions. So, their only recourse is to oppress us. We need to make sure they will never win.