Social Justice Mob Turns on Twitter CEO After He Commits “Cardinal Sin”

The man who is turning social giant Twitter into a liberal safe space came under fire recently after an innocent tweet. The social justice police on his own platform attacked the man, for revealing he supported this one business during pride month.

Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, was attacked by his own liberal followers. (Photo Credit: JD Lasica/Flicker, Fibonacci Blue/Flickr)

Let’s be honest, sometimes conservatives don’t agree. Some of the most visible conservative pundits often bicker with each other. Being as diverse a group as we are, that can happen. But despite disagreements, most conservatives show respect and support for one another.

That’s not what we see on the left. Liberals are like vultures. They are quick to turn on their own kind, tearing them to shreds. It’s not a mystery as to why. The entire liberal party is built around a system of victimhood. People claim more rights than others — based on how “victimized” they feel. That often leads to in-fighting over who is more deserving of special treatment.

Liberals also put ideas before people. They care more about the topic they are virtue signaling over than the people at stake. It’s why climate alarmists often leave cities more trashed after they march. Protesting over climate change is more important than keeping a city clean — a city full of people they just harmed.

Even if you’re one of the biggest liberals in our society, your fellow leftists will devour you if you make a simple “mistake.” That’s just what social justice warrior Jack Dorsey learned when he recently tweeted out support for a company hated by the left. His once-loyal followers were oh-so-quick to turn on him.

So much for giving someone the benefit of the doubt.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is under fire for committing the cardinal sin of enjoying Chick-fil-A chicken during June, which is LGBT Pride month. [Source: Twitchy]

Oh, the inhumanity! What a terrible thing for this man to do — and during pride month to boot! The owners of Chick-fil-A are outspoken Christians. In the past, they have been unapologetic in their support of traditional marriage. They were against gay marriage.

Even though the issue was settled by the Supreme Court, the LGBT community is not one to forgive and forget. Many liberals — especially gays — hold a serious grudge against a company that serves chicken sandwiches. Even though Chick-fil-A is considered one of the best fast food restaurants in the country — and is loved by many including liberals — supporting them publicly is unacceptable. If you’re a virtue signaling leftist, that is.

I’m not surprised Jack likes to eat there. Most people do. The big crime was announcing it on his own platform, during a time when gays are strutting around city streets in leotards and feathers. To the tiny brains on the left, eating at Chick-fil-A is the same as opposing gay marriage.

Wow, what understanding, kind-hearted, and compassionate people, the gays. Jack simply mentions he eats at a restaurant and they are quick to pounce. As if eating at Chick-fil-A is somehow an attack on the LGBT community.

It shows you how thin-skinned and petty liberals can get. Unless everyone on their side is goose-stepping along to the same tune, they turn on you like a rabid wolverine. Doesn’t matter how many times Jack might have shown his support for gays. Doesn’t matter how many people he’s banned from Twitter for standing up for traditional marriage. It doesn’t matter if he’s given millions to gay groups. He made the mistake of eating at Chick-fil-A. Now, he’s the enemy.

The only salvation is if Jack goes groveling to the feet of the social justice mob. They won’t be satisfied until he bows at their feet with a bogus, long-winded apology. None of it will mean anything, it’s just more theatrics that gives this group a mob-like control over what people can say or do.

No matter what Jack says, there will be people who won’t forgive. He’s forever on their crap list. This is the modern left in America. They are a hate-group, who will destroy anyone that crosses them, even people who claim to support them.