Socialist Politician Takes In Refugee, Finds Out Why “Open Doors” Doesn’t Work

Socialist Politician Takes In Refugee, Finds Out Why "Open Doors" Doesn't Work
Many would abandon their political policy if it came back to bite them, but not bleeding-heart socialist Karsten Nordal Hauken.

A liberal politician, who describes himself as a “young Socialist Left Party member, feminist and anti-racist,” decided to practice the policies he preached by welcoming in a Somali asylum seeker. Before he could even prove why his leftist “open doors” agenda is the answer to the refugee crisis, he had found himself in a gruesome, “compromising” position.

Norway’s Karsten Nordal Hauken is not only a bleeding-heart liberal with a penchant for illegals, he believes in open borders so much that he has put his words into action, leaving him as yet another sickening statistic. However, it’s his disturbing reaction to his own brutal assault by those he holds most important that proves liberalism is truly a mental disease.

The self-described “anti-racist” met the manifestation of his multicultural pipe dream when he encountered his first real asylum seeker in his own home. Perhaps Hauken would’ve allowed the migrant to stay, offering him half of everything he owned, in accordance with his socialist standards. Unfortunately, we’ll never know, as the Somali refugee overpowered Hauken, pinned him to the floor, and brutally sodomized him.

This heinous sexual assault didn’t cause the bleeding-heart leftist to falter in his ideals. In fact, after fleeing to the hospital and having medical specialists collect DNA samples which led to the arrest and conviction of his refugee rapist, Hauken now wants his attacker to have the opportunity to rape again.

The Daily Mail reports that Hauken appeared on a Norwegian television series about mental illness called Jeg mot Meg [Me against Myself] in a bid to plead for his own rapist to not be deported. After serving only 4.5 years in prison for the rape, the useful liberal idiot believes that the Somali rapist is actually the victim.

“I am a heterosexual man who was raped by a Somalian asylum seeker,” Nordal Hauken writes for NRK. “I felt relief and happiness that he would be gone forever. I felt like the Norwegian State had taken responsibility to carry out the ultimate revenge, like an angry father confronting it’s child’s attacker.”

Socialist Politician Takes In Refugee, Finds Out Why "Open Doors" Doesn't Work
After being brutally sodomized by one of his beloved refugees, Hauken is even more determined to bring more rapists to Norway.

Although Hauken was initially relieved that his rapist would be off the streets and never able to rape another man, woman, or child in his country again, he soon felt the symptoms of liberalism, forcing him to see the evil man not as responsible for his own actions, but as having no choice.

“But I also had a strong feeling of guilt and responsibility. I was the reason that he would not be in Norway anymore, but rather sent to a dark uncertain future in Somalia. I see him mostly like a product of an unfair world, a product of an upbringing marked by war and despair.”

Hauken is now advocating for his own rapist’s readmission to Norway, where he would be free to rape again, this time perhaps an innocent child who never protested for these offenders to arrive. Whatever the final outcome of this leftist demonstration, Hauken proves his own reasoning is just as dangerous as the incoming wave of potential rapists and terrorists.

Liberalism not only prompts victims to blame themselves for their own brutality, but it supplies justification for the offenders to reoffend. Hauken is an “open doors” advocate whose policy failed him personally, but instead of seeing the effects and understanding its faultiness, he continues to press on, hoping time and time again for a different outcome. If you ask Albert Einstein, this is the definition of insanity.

It’s not enough for leftists to get what they’re asking for, because they’ll keep pursuing their dangerous agenda until they follow each other off the cliff. As Pamela Geller points out, Hauken is the perfect example of the liberal archetype nearing extinction.

“Norwegian Leftists, already famously on the far left of generally leftist Scandinavia,I., e., pathetic laughing stock, are doomed by their suicidal P. C. idiocies. See remarks of this Darwin Award contender, descendant of the once fierce Norsemen. What hope can there be for a West that produces such simpering invertebrates.”

Political correctness is killing off the tolerant species. We must never be tolerant of such evil, much less advocate for its acceptance.

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Photo Credit [Daily Mail, Sveriges Radio]

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