Soldiers DISRESPECT Obama To His Face In A Way They NEVER Would To Trump

Although President Barack Obama would have you believe that everyone in this country is in love with him, that just isn’t the case. In fact, that was most recently proven as soldiers disrespected him while he was awarding himself with a medal – and what they did was something they would never do to Donald Trump.

Mad World News previously reported that Obama essentially gave himself an award last night. According to reports, Defense Secretary Ash Carter, a man that Obama personally appointed, pinned the current president with the prestigious Department of Defense Medal for Distinguished Public Service.

Soldiers DISRESPECT Obama To His Face In A Way They NEVER Would To Trump
Defense Secretary Ash Carter (left) awarding Barack Obama with the Distinguished Public Service medal.

Unfortunately for Obama, most of the country immediately recognized that he was merely patting himself on the back and didn’t give him any more attention than he deserved – which would be none. However, things only got worse from there as people saw what was behind him when he gave his speech, thanking himself for being awesome.

Seen at Obama’s back is a series of empty seats, a sight that many believe to be a great sign of disrespect. After all, we already know how our soldiers feel about Trump as they can hardly contain themselves when he is around.

We saw how loud the cheering and thunderous applause was the second the President-elect walked into the stadium at the Army-Navy football game just a few weeks ago. Of course, Obama hasn’t seen that from our military – not even once.

Furthermore, some suggest that there wouldn’t be an empty seat in sight at a location where Trump was being given an award. Even if it was suggested that there only be a small number of soldiers inside at the time, they’d have a hard time keeping the doors shut as members of the military would likely beat them down just to get inside.

Soldiers DISRESPECT Obama To His Face In A Way They NEVER Would To Trump
Barack Obama giving a speech with empty seats all around him

Whether this was intentional or not, Obama’s sad turnout for his pathetic award ceremony was a huge slap in his face. It’s already been demonstrated that something like this is unlikely to happen to Donald Trump, and he’s in fact seen just the opposite — an ecstatic full house wherever he goes. That’s what you get when you love this country and actually show it. Respect is more easily received when it is given – it’s a shame that Obama never learned that during the past 8 years.

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