Somali Muslims Approach Pregnant Woman & Boyfriend, Show What Islam Does To Fornicators

Somali Muslims Approach Pregnant Woman & Boyfriend, Show What Islam Does To Fornicators
After arguing with an unmarried pregnant couple, a Somali Muslim decided to punish them for their offense against Sharia law. (Stock photos for illustrative purposes: Bare Naked Islam, Mom Junction)

When a group of Somali migrants spotted a pregnant woman walking with her boyfriend, they immediately confronted the unmarried couple and began arguing with them. However, just moments after the couple left, one of the men decided to show them what their religion prescribes for those who engage in sexual activity outside of marriage.

Leftist incessantly demand the mass importation of Muslim migrants. Ironically, what they don’t foresee are the religious and cultural implications that follow. Liberals expect us to welcome in the hordes of Islamic refugees but seem strangely confused when those asylum seekers spread the same violence and oppression rampant in their home countries. Despite their claims, our tolerance and hospitality make no difference when matched against these migrants’ hardcore religious supremacy.

While a couple was walking along Burdett Road in east London, a group of Somali Muslim male migrants confronted the pair without provocation, save for the fact that the couple was clearly unmarried and expecting a child, which is a serious offense against Islam’s Sharia law. After “arguing” with the bigoted Somalis, the couple refused to continue engaging in the fruitless debate, choosing instead to defuse the situation by walking away. Sadly, they underestimated the compulsions inherent in Islam.

Daily Mail reports that hours after leaving the argument on July 4, one of the Somali Muslims, 19-year-old Mustafa Ahmed, approached the couple and sprayed highly-corrosive acid all over the pregnant woman and her boyfriend. Ahmed deliberately targeted the woman’s “baby bump” and the man’s face, prompting speculation that he was punishing the couple for sex out of wedlock.

The pair was hospitalized for disfiguring injuries caused by the acidic concoction, which is a common weapon used by Muslim men against women in Islamic countries. The woman was left with severe burns to her stomach while the man has suffered facial mutilation.

According to Express, Ahmed was arrested and charged with only one count of wounding with intent to do grievous bodily harm and another count of attempted wounding, despite succeeding in injuring both of his victims.

“A substance was thrown in the complainant’s face that burned him instantly,” prosecutor Kavitha Tharson said. “The girlfriend also had liquid thrown over her that caused her harm. The acid has gone on her tummy, I have no information as to the impact on the pregnancy. I can only assume some impact has been made.”

Still, the mainstream media ran to Ahmed’s defense, portraying him as an intelligent college student who loves his parents and simply seeks a better life in the UK. Ahmed’s attorney, Larry Matthews, claimed that his client is innocent and denies any wrongdoing.

“There’s no doubt that the attack was a horrible one and I am conscious of the fact that offenses of this nature are a matter of public concern at the moment,” Matthews said. “It is an extremely serious allegation and if convicted there would be an extremely lengthy sentence. But, he emphatically denies any involvement in this particular incident. He did so when interviewed by police yesterday. This is a question of reliability of identification.”

The incident includes a total of 6 victims of acid attacks in one night, including the pregnant couple. Acid attacks committed by Muslims continue to rise in a nation that has never encountered this type of retaliation, which is inherently deep-rooted in Islamic culture.

The West is getting exactly what its liberals have demanded. Unfortunately, the promises of cultural enlightenment and diversity aren’t the dreamy reveries the left has plastered all over the media. The teary-eyed mothers holding hungry babies on their hips were exchanged for wild-eyed militant rapists, entitled welfare abusers, and brazen terrorists. The few tolerable aspects of Islamic culture are far outweighed by the more numerous violent and oppressive compulsions.

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