Sonic Location Sticks It To Diners With ‘Disgusting’ Note Found On Many Orders

One Sonic Sticks It To Diners With 'Disgusting' Note Found In Many Orders
Sonic in Raymore, MO. Unnamed customers not happy with the note (both insets)

For months, Sonic diners at one particular Missouri location didn’t realize the hidden notes they were getting with their meals, until someone finally blasted it on social media. Outrage ensued when the store didn’t apologize for the messages and the franchise refused to take action.

Customers of the Sonic fast food restaurant in Raymore became irate when they realized what management was “forcing” on them, which they didn’t feel was their right. Although they have been treated with a side order of truth for months, the fried food joint recently had a change of printing machinery that made the message a lot more obvious.

Instead of printing Bible verses on the back or bottom of customer’s receipts, as has been a longtime practice for this specific location, management switched to a bold sticker with a Biblical message. The brightly colored sticker is slapped front and center on the outside of most orders, holding the receipt in place. It shows a passage picked by the franchisee, in hopes of serving some inspiration with their fries.

One Sonic Sticks It To Diners With 'Disgusting' Note Found In Many Orders
New stickers at Missouri Sonic

According to Fox 2, some Missourians don’t like it, now that they can’t miss what their Sonic has been doing all along. “Thanks for the sermon. Where are my cheese sticks?” one customer sarcastically wrote on Facebook, after seeing the new sticker on an order that workers accidentally messed up. Other eaters love the owner’s religious efforts, saying it’s nice to see another business with values similar to Chick-fil-A.

Orders that get the stickers are seemingly picked at random, since they aren’t added on every meal. It’s only a matter if time before this inconsistent sticker selection becomes a point of contention with liberals, claiming that this Sonic profiles people who they think are in need of religion. Irate patrons are already wondering what Sonic headquarters is going to do about the Raymore location “pushing” religion. Simply put, their plan is to do nothing, as it’s not their place, and owners are given the freedom to do as they choose. Amen to that!

“We don’t have a policy backing this. It’s the decision by the franchisee that owns and operates that specific drive in,” Sonic spokesman Jason Acock said, according to KSHB News. As a whole, Sonic isn’t a Christian-based business, but they do allow each location to have certain freedoms.

Bravo to this location for being unapologetic about their religion and desire to share the good word with others. If people don’t like it, they can get their cheese sticks and fries elsewhere. I’d bet that this Sonic’s decision to stand by their stickers will drive up business. It seems to have worked well for Chick-fil-A. In my opinion, the stickers serve as a sign that you will get excellent and cheerful customer service.