Soros Backed Socialist Running For Florida’s Gov Wins, Then He Got A Nasty Surprise

George Soros is spending millions of dollars backing far-left Socialist candidates running for seats across the country for the upcoming mid-terms. Last night, Soros was celebrating a big win when his candidate running as a Democrat in Florida’s Governor’s primary race beat the moderate Democrat to advance to face off against Ron DeSantis, the Trump-backed GOP winner. Well, Soros and his candidate, Andrew Gillum, were just rocked by a nasty surprise. You’ll love this.

George Soros (left) and President Donald Trump (right) (Photo Credit: Popow/ullstein bild via Getty Images, Alex Wong /Getty Images)

The far-left nutjobs were celebrating last night as George Soros literally bought them the Democratic nomination in Florida’s Governor’s race. The candidate, who doesn’t hide that he is one big fat Socialist, Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum, was getting congratulations from the Hollywood crowd who think he will defeat GOP Congressman Ron DeSantis.

Michael Moore, obviously not living in reality, tweeted, “AN AMAZING UPSET!! The progressive insurgent has won again! Andrew Gillum is the the Democratic nominee for Governor of Florida. Thank u Parkland students for cross-crossing the state to help make this happen! The traditional Democrats on the ballot spent $112M. Gillum spent $8M.”

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Funny, the majority of the 8 million dollars came from George Soros, but Moore gives it up to the “Parkland students for cross-crossing [sic] the state.” Please, no one is buying that a few students knocking on doors is what made the difference in this campaign.

Other Hollywood leftists are so excited too, like actor John Leguizamo, who posted, “What a triumph! Congrats! We will be with you till you cross the finish line!”

Debra Messing, Alyssa Milano, and Chelsea Handler all weighed in, gushing that their side of extreme leftists is supposedly winning. Let’s be clear: George Soros bought this guy the nomination, and now that the celebratory champagne has been consumed by these far-left wackos, the reality of what’s to come is setting in.

Andrew Gillum is a nightmare candidate. In fact, we couldn’t be happier that this guy won. Fox News reports, “Rep. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., who secured Florida’s GOP gubernatorial nomination on Tuesday, wasted little time before depicting his new Democratic rival as a candidate who wants to make ‘Florida Venezuela.'”

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DeSantis, who was backed by President Trump, appeared on the “Ingraham Angle” following his win and denounced his competitor, Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum, as “the most liberal candidate that the Democratic Party has ever nominated in the state of Florida by a country mile in a governor’s race.”

And DeSantis wasn’t embellishing. “(Gillum) wants to abolish ICE; he wants a billion-dollar tax increase; he wants a single-payer health care system in Florida, which would bankrupt the state. I’m trying to make Florida even better. He wants to make Florida Venezuela,” DeSantis said, adding that Gillum’s tenure as mayor has been “absolutely disastrous.”

The Herald reported that DeSantis is a member of the Freedom Caucus, which wants a border wall. Not only that but after President Donald Trump held a rally for DeSantis, he jumped in the polls by 15%. Most Democrats are moderate, not far-left. Gillum may have had Soros’ money to squeak out the Democratic nomination, but he has zero chance to beat the Trump-backed DeSantis.

In case you missed it, here’s the viral video you’ll love of DeSantis that the Soros people went bonkers over which they labeled “Ron DeSantis indoctrinating his kids into Trumpism”:

Ron DeSantis will be the next Governor of Florida, and that is extremely important for many reasons. The big one is the 2020 Presidential race, and we all know how Florida ends up being a must win every presidential election. Let George Soros pour millions more into this Socialist’s Andrew Gillum’s campaign. With Trump behind him, Ron DeSantis is going to clean his clock, and we can’t wait to watch the debates.

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Can you imagine how this guy is going to explain how the state of Florida is going to give everyone free healthcare while bankrupting them with a billion dollar tax increase? I’m betting Gillum won’t get near a debate on the issues, how can he? His campaign slogan is “Make Florida Like Venzeula.” We couldn’t be more delighted as George Soros throws his millions down the drain.

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