South Carolina Man Spares 2 Saggy-Pants Thugs With ‘Warning Shots,’ Gets Repaid With Evil

Scene of the crime, Brandon Daeshaun Meyers (inset, top) Bobby Cason (inset, bottom) (Photo Credit: Live5 News, CCDC)

A tragic story, coming out of South Carolina and involving a Charleston man and two evil thugs, has rocked the local community after the victim only fired “warning shots” at the suspects who were stealing his vehicle from his driveway. Now, these two saggy-pants wearing thugs will face the consequences of repaying the victim’s kindness with an evil act after he spared their lives.

According to local news source Live5 News, the shocking incident took place on Monday, August 14, 2017, at approximately 1 a.m. Police say that 17-year-old Bobby Cason and 20-year-old Brandon Daeshaun Meyers went to a house on Park Gate Drive in Charleston. The two thugs reportedly targeted a home which they had previously broken into and taken keys from, said North Charleston police.

When the 20-year-old man who owned the vehicle realized his car was being stolen, he grabbed his gun and fired only 2 warning shots into the air. Sadly, his act of kindness and restraint was repaid with evil, leaving many in the community wishing he had reacted with extreme prejudice.

North Charleston Police officers and investigators gathered at the scene of the crime (Photo Credit: Live5 News)

According to The Post and Courier, the two suspects immediately opened fire on the victim following his warning shots. Police say that the 20-year-old man, who was not yet been identified in the initial report, suffered a gunshot wound and died there in his front yard. After gunning down the victim, the two thugs fled the scene by car but were later captured during a rigorous manhunt. Police say that Cason and Meyers crashed into several other cars as they tried to make their escape and then abandoned the vehicle while attempting to hide in an adjacent neighborhood.

“The suspects fled the area eluding police and eventually crashing into several cars in the Forest Hills 2 neighborhood before being captured,” said Spencer Pryor with North Charleston police. “Responding officers heard gunfire as they approached the location and saw the suspect vehicle roll backward into a yard then flee the scene,” Pryor added.

Residents of the community who were witnessing the manhunt provided details of what they experienced that fateful night one of their neighbors was murdered in cold blood. “My nerves are finally calming down,” said Esther Courtney, of North Charleston. “It was very nerve racking.” Courtney also said that she was shocked to find what she believes to be surveillance videos on her computer, which she says captured the arrest of one of the suspects that night. “We saw an officer right outside our window here by the tree trying to peek up over the fence,” she said.

After hours of evading capture, both Cason and Meyers were arrested and charged with murder and attempted grand larceny. These two animals deserve the death penalty for taking the life of a man who showed them mercy. Without a doubt, their families will be on the news shortly to claim they didn’t do anything wrong and tell people what great boys they are.

Perhaps the victim didn’t feel his life was in danger and only wanted to scare the thugs off. Whatever his motives were for not shooting the suspects dead, he showed constraint, and unfortunately, in this case, it cost him his life. By no means can the victim’s tragic death be summed up with some kind of critique on his decision-making process in a most desperate moment. Taking another person’s life in self-defense should never be a careless decision and, in many states, is classified as a justifiable homicide only under very specific conditions. Still, I’m sure there are many grieving family members who wish the victim had put his own safety before that of the suspects, and I could not agree more.

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