Special Counsel Mueller Proves He’s Playing Dirty With One Bold Move Against Trump

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Robert Mueller (left), President Donald Trump (right)

President Donald Trump knew it wouldn’t be easy to take the reins of power away from Barack Obama’s administration or his army of political assassins. Now that we are 6 months into making America great again, special counsel Robert Mueller and his team of Hillary Clinton-loving attorneys have begun their attempt to take Trump down and put a stop to the rise of true conservatism in America. With one bold new move, Mueller and his team have proven that they are playing dirty and that he isn’t going to stop until he is fired or Trump is defeated.

According to Breitbart, the team of attorneys put together by Mueller to take over the sham investigation into Trump’s ties to Russia appears to have already started leaking sensitive details of the probe to the press for the sole purpose of damaging Trump’s credibility. This “first blood” is being considered by many to be just the beginning of the next match between Trump and the “Deep State.”

Robert Mueller (left), James Comey (center), Barack Obama (right) (Photo: NYDaily News)

The details of this new shocking report are infuriating to American patriots who understand that this is the political ruling class exercising their deep rooted power against not just Trump but his family as well. According to Bloomberg, a person familiar with the probe said that Mueller’s team is investigating possible ties between Trump’s campaign and Russia but isn’t stopping there.

The sham investigation, launched by the deep state through the appointment of Mueller by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, is going to go after “Trump’s businesses as well as those of his associates.” This leak to Bloomberg is incomprehensible. The Special Counsel team isn’t supposed to be discussing any details of their investigation with persons or entities outside the department to preserve the integrity of their work.

It isn’t a surprise that Mueller and his team have come out early in the game and ruined their credibility. Conservatives across the country are outraged at the behavior of Mueller and his team of liberal trustees as they have confirmed our worst fears. Their sole purpose is to fabricate a case against Trump and take him down.

In the details that Mueller’s team leaked to Bloomberg, there are reportedly going to be FBI investigators and others examining Russian purchases of apartments in the Trump buildings in addition to Trump’s involvement in a SoHo development in New York. The source also disclosed that the FBI will be looking at the 2013 Miss Universe pageant in Moscow and Trump’s sale of a Florida property to a Russian businessman in 2008.

Let’s just call this what it really is, a witch hunt. The Democrats were never going to stop using the assets they hold within our government to go after Trump. They can’t bear the thought of having lost the presidential election and the tremendous embarrassment of Hillary Clinton’s campaign. I think the firing of former FBI Director James Comey was the lynch pin. He was supposed to be the safe guard for the deep state, and now that he’s gone, they have no choice but to try taking Trump down.

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